It’s Cool For Cats.

The cats came through their snip with flying colours. I personally was most surprised that we were offered the choice of bringing their little testes home in a little tin with their names on or letting the vet ‘dispose’ of them. Difficult decision, we ummed, we aarghed but finally we opted for the latter. Doris caught them on kodak first thankfully, so we’ll never forget them.
Not sure what they thought we might do with them at home. Frame them? Pickle them? Keep them in little wooden boxes like we have with the kids’ umbilical stumps?

Apparently now we just have to keep an eye on how much the eat, no more buffet style grazing all day long, we’ve moved to military portions, two squares a day. Cat loving readers probably know all this, but I am a total cat novice, I now know more than I ever wanted to or hoped to know about cats, and according to yon vet, they have a tendency to obesity after the snip, hormone levels gone haywire, if you don’t watch things.
My good friend Noren learned this recently when he had his mangy,alien spawn feline pet snipped, the thing is now the weight of a four year old in a first world country and we’re having to bring in Jamie Oliver to get the family back on track.

I have noticed a lot less running around and generally going beserk at 11pm, than before, don’t know if this is a permanent change or if they’re still just a bit sore, same for the cessation of fighting and attempting to rip each other to bits. Maybe if I tell, those fine, constantly fighting, young sons of mine that whipping the testes out has stopped the aggression they might get a subtle clue?

8 thoughts on “It’s Cool For Cats.

  1. You know I’ve been considering doing just that to a couple of males runnng wild around here. Perhaps we could get a group discount?

  2. Oh my boy, Ernie, has piled on the pounds since he got his ‘nads whacked’…same thing didn’t happen to The Stud however (chortle). BTW, am pleased to report that I have been able to pay forward your very kind chocolate drop…am sending a book to a fellow blogger in Germany! This is fun.
    Cheers for the weekend. You’re the cats pyjamas!

    • SAG, you rock for PIF. and lmao at ‘nads whacked’. I suggested it to The Man about 3 kids ago, but he wasn’t too keen..he’s been wincing for the cats all week.

  3. SK, Quite honestly, I think if we D.I.Y it, ( how hard can it be) and put an ad on FB , we’ll make a fortune.

    Steve, lol, yeah a little teeny tiny one woven from cat gut. πŸ˜‰

    • I think well need a promo video on YouTube as well. I have a digital video recorder, or whatever. I go temporarily deaf when people start blabbering on about such so not really sure what we have. Maybe together we can figure it out.

  4. I’d never thought of the weight issue. However, when thinking about it I seem to remember reading that Eunuchs had a tendency to put weight on.

    They are ‘Cat Eunuchs’ after all.

    As for taking the balls home in a tin………well, that’s a load of bollocks innit.

    What would you call the tin………..a detached metal scrotum?

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