Exams Again.

The girls have both got mid-terms, results of which go toward final scores. This means of course that every available surface in the house is covered in textbooks, dictionaries, pens and loose-leaf paper, except the sofa, which is covered in teenage girls and chocolate cake crumbs.
They claimed to be ‘taking a break’ which involved 6 back to back episodes of GLEE, and the consumption of the entire aforementioned cake.

Irresponsible parent that I am, I must admit, watching GLEE was great fun, we broke out the mics and plugged them into the amp, and though not one of us can carry a tune with a fork-lift truck, we didn’t let it stop us, hope there is another GLEE catch up marathon next weekend.

Meanwhile in other news, I’m having difficulty typing because I bit my right index finger nail down to the quick, and it’s red and raw and possibly infected. At *almost* but not quite, 46, I really should stop biting my nails, I’ll put it on my list of things to quit.

Kev’s whole ‘friend’ thing is working out wonderfully, never seen him so happy. He and some other boys had arranged to go to the one kid’s house the other day. So from 8 a.m. on the big day, there was slew of phone calls for Kev about arrangements, times, meeting places, items to take etc, he was so excited. Grinning all over his face, he said ‘ Mama! I’m popular!’ So glad for the lad, hope it lasts.

Zoom Zoom Zoom, my car came and 4 days in, still no one has eaten, smoked, drunk or removed their socks inside pristine vehicle.
Strangely, I have had difficulty backing it into my drive. The road is narrow and on a very steep incline, and people who witnessed me backing former, huge vehicle in, would attest to my ability to bend the laws of physics, indeed some distant relatives once came for a visit while sight seeing in Japan, after performing this amazing feat, one of them said, ‘right well I can go home now, I’ve seen everything..’
and yet with this new little matchbox car, I can’t quite get it right and it turns into a 47 point manoeuvre, maybe it’s just nerves. I’m hoping against hope I don’t back it into the gate post in at least the first few weeks, then I can get back to hitting pillars and posts every five minutes.

Must rest my finger lest inspiration hits later and I need it.

5 thoughts on “Exams Again.

  1. Chocolate cake is essential exam food. I swear by it (and I haven’t taken an exam for years). I hate to say it but, re: your car… your nerves will only dissipate when you get that first all important ding or scratch. After that you’ll be able to bend it like Beckham around any obstacle and not even think twice about it!

    Rest your finger (apparently chocolate cake has been proven to promote healing).

    • You are so right I am going to have to ignore you!
      (I have a gold licence, which means I am a shit hot driver, it doesn’t mean I am a wuss who never ventures out of her comfort zone).
      I know I’ll prang it, canI just not prang it for a few months, at least until the ‘new car’ smell has gone.
      Oooh finger hurting, must rest! LOL.

  2. I want to see car photos. Why don’t you try pulling the car in and backing it out? I’ve seen you park the other one and it was truly amazing!I hope the girls did well on their exams.

    • I’m not comfortable doing it that way because the kids that live up at the group home use our road as a short cut and it’s difficult to see out.
      Not optimistic about exam results unless there were a lot of GLEE themed questions on it.

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