Lost Property.

Seem to have spent much of this week looking for stuff, I’m getting worse and worse at remembering where I left stuff, my ink pen still hasn’t turned up either and I had high hopes of penning something spectaular this week with it, so those hopes are dashed.
My mojo is missing too, I last saw it here,I have had zero energy or mojo for anything at all this week and I’m starting to wonder if I am losing my mind too.
I took Jim to the ENT and remembered to take my handy dandy health card wallet but forgot to check I’d put the handy dandy health insurance cards in it. I’ve forgotten my purse so many times I’ve lost track.

Got in from work at 3 and figured I could probably catch an hour of TV before the tinies came home at 4 ish.
Sunshine is suffering from some latent teen angst so I had promised her spag bol for dinner and I’d made the sauce before I went to work, so I reckoned I could spend the hour relatively guilt free.
Decided to watch ‘Australia’.
I’d just switched it on when Jim came home, threw his bag in the genkan and announced he was going out to play with his friend.
Absolutely fine by me.
Australia is a bit silly really, there is some info at the beginning that suggests it is going to be about ‘The Stolen Children’, the aboriginal children ripped from their families and put on reservations, a subject I care a lot about, but then it wasn’t really.( Though I haven’t actually seen it all yet).
Nicole Kidman seems to be channelling Julie Andrews and it doesn’t work, it comes across as somehow burlesque. Then quite early on in the film Hugh Jackman took a bush-shower and all I can say is the cinematography of the scene was so spectacular I stopped giving a toss what the story was about.
I was cruelly awakened from a pretty lush reverie by a phone call from the dentist asking me if I was coming to pick up my son. I’d completely forgotten, dental treatment drags on and on here and this fifth visit for a damn filling had slipped my fragile mind. She also said
he wanted to remove a milk tooth that was blocking an adult tooth coming in. So I spoke to Kev and he agreed to the extraction and I said I’d be there in five minutes. So dashitty dash, or zoom zoom zoom as the Mazda folk say, and there I was watching him have his tooth pulled.
I go to pay and of course I had forgotten my purse, but luckily had some notes tucked away in my notebook for just such an eventuality and while I was digging them out I found the insurance card I couldn’t find yesterday, so that’s good, getting back on track.
So we’re halfway back to the car before I realise I’ve left my sunglasses and the tooth on the counter at reception.
I need a personal assistant or something.

4 thoughts on “Lost Property.

  1. Nicole Kidman channelling Julie Andrews… now that’s way up there in my top ten fantasies along with Carrie Fisher in that metal bikini from Return Of The Jedi and Cheryl Ladd in Charlie’s Angels.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about not keeping track of things. They nearly always turn up, but not always when you need them. Be happy that you have an hour here of there to watch TV. Your love of TV makes me chuckle!

  3. I’ve never cared for Nicole as an actor, but Hugh Jackman in a shower…now THAT I could watch. We have that movie somewhere so maybe I’ll dig it out later (when the Scowly and the Apprentice Scowly have gone to bed)

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