Getting To Know You.

So this week was Jim’s annual class ‘Get To Know You’.
Die hard fans may recall the arm wrestling ‘get to know you’ from last year.
Well this year, the powers that be, decided nothing says ‘let’s get to know each other’ like Rock Scissors Paper.

First I’ll put everyone’s mind at rest and point out, that I got through the entire hour without gaijinity related humiliation.
So for an hour we played RSP or JANKEN as we know and love it here.

Personally I think conversation would be more conducive to getting to know each other, alcohol and/or food would also facilitate meaningful confab, but no one asks me, why would they? so we’re stuck with janken.

First was regular janken, 3 teams, boys/girls/mothers. Oh what fun we had. I lost in the first round, as I knew I would, because I am supremely shite at this particular game, had we gone my way of the conversational route, I might have won something, I could chat for England, and often practice. never mind, not everyone can be good at everything.

Round Two.
Janken with a twist. I bet you didn’t know you could twist janken did you? Well you can, you’d be surprised at the myriad ways in which you can optimise excitement in this game.
Round 2 was ‘ sakasama janken’ ( backwards) the loser wins. We practiced this a while and I have still not spoken to a single person, have not made one new friend.
Then they really cranked it up, so the lead person played a beat before the partner, so you had a second to try to lose to win.( are you with me?)
Can you imagine the fun of this.
THEN, for the final tournament, it was sakasama janken WITH A TWIST!!! The lead person played a beat first, the partner played, the winner had to count to five and the loser had to name a fish ( I kid you not my friends) before the winner reached 5.
I embarrassed the hell out of young Jim by being disqualified for saying NEMO, apparently that doesn’t count, I ws supposed to say ‘maguro’ or ‘unagi’ or ‘ chirimenjyako’. given the complexities of the game I thought I did well to come up with NEMO actually.
He crawled back into his anorak ( on the blistering hot day, zip up to his nose, hood up).

Then we all got a bottle of cold tea and went home, Jim refusing to speak to me for ‘not playing properly’.
Still don’t know anyone.

8 thoughts on “Getting To Know You.

  1. Rock Scissors Paper? I like to quote an episode of Survivors.

    “It’s not Rock Scissors Paper – a shotgun wins every time”.

    Not sure it would help you to make friends though.

  2. Maybe it’s supposed to be one of those “gaman” things that magically brings people together. At the end of the year you can sit around chatting about that gawd awful stupid RSP crap they cane up with this year. I’m always tempted to throw “the finger” when playing RSP. Good thing my school didn’t do this particular thing, yet.

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