The centipedes are here. I’d like to insert a picture for you all but lack the necessary technical know-how of course, so please, for those who don’t know, run now and google ‘mukade’ , keep a bucket handy, you may vomit.
The Man was bitten 4 days ago and his leg still hurts. he was bitten once before and it was way way worse last time, but still it’s nasty and painful.
I’ve already killed 3 with boiling water. The worst mukade season is supposed to be during the rainy season, which hasn’t started yet, so I’m having nightmares about 100s of them crawling out of the woodwork. All three killed so far were pretty big ones, over 10cms, vile, disgusting, dangerous.
I’m all on edge now, seeing little tentacle-like things on my peripheral vision.
If I had to commit to the worst thing about living in Japan, I think I’d have to say, it’s the mukade.

10 thoughts on “MUKADE SEASON IS HERE.

  1. I agree! I hate the bastards with a vengeance. One bit me once, that’s why. I can’t be balanced and fair with something that tries to eat and/or poison me. good luck getting rid of them.

  2. Steve, I was going to use the word prehistoric in the post actually. Boiling water kills them, I chuck a glass of boiling hot water and it’s instant death.

    Sherryk/ditoh, am moving to Tokyo.

    Rachel, I agree, there is no ‘fair’ when it comes to mukade.

    Heather, googling really show some prime examples. Vile aren’t they!

  3. Will they die after a glass of high concentration washing-up liquid water thrown at their heads? This is my favorite method of cockroach killing. Quick and easy to access the ingredients. Lightning fast shooting and gives the walls or whatever a clean too. It works by plugging all their breathing holes. Got a cockroach from a good distance this way last night. Try it on the mukade. Hub says they are stronger than cockroach though so it may not work.

  4. Lol @ Sherry. I polled my class today-all ladies over 55. They had never been bitten or seen them either- except on tv or in books.

  5. Ooh, NASTY! Just googled Mukade and really got a shock. Holy poo! Have you got a cat? Do cats get them? We got a lot less nasties in our house in Thailand after we got a cat. But then, if they bite, maybe cats would leave them alone.

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