The Rain Begins.

The rainy season officially started yesterday. I don’t mind the rainy season because the garden loves it, and it’s sunny rain, warm rain, not grey, cold, UK rain. Over the next 4 or 5 weeks this will wear thin though.
Problem is the rain brings with it a terrible cough that keeps me up half the night. A mysterious cough that starts when the rain comes and stops when the rain does. Only rainy season rain though, not regular rain.
I also have a cold. Yesterday everyone had their own plans, which left me on the sofa with a mug of Heinz Tomato Soup, courtesy of Uncle Brick and his lovely wife, who brought it back from Canada for me.
I watched a 4 hour Lie To Me catch-up. It’s not a great show, but Tim Roth is awesome.

World War 3 began this morning over umbrellas. Apparently some people in this house have been stealing other people’s umbrellas.
I tried to care, but I didn’t really, couldn’t muster up the necessary energy.

Maybe I’m over-doing things. last Wednesday I went to a stretch-yoga class, one of the groups organised through the school. The same type of group I way back insisted I would never join.
Decided to go for broke and jog down to the room. It’s only a couple of kms, but it’s the first time I have jogged to a destination rather than laps. It was quite easy.
It was in a beautiful tatami room, with Japanese garden views on every side.
It was so easy.
It was granny stretching.
I was secretly congratulating myself on how flexible I’ve become from doing yoga weekly for the past year.
I stopped patting myself on the back when I got up on Thursday morning and could barely make it down the stairs. It was such a relief to have made it as far as the toilet, I had to sit there quite a while, planning how to get one foot in front of the other as far as the kitchen.
Thought I was crippled for life.
Turns out I wasn’t, fortunately, but now I’m wondering what I’ve signed onto.

In other news I heard about a summer camp on Lake Biwa. All sorts of water sports, kayaking, windsurfacing, ‘wild swimming’ where kids dive off a boat in the middle of the lake. I felt that had Kev and Jim written all over it, so have signed them up for a 5 day stint at the beginning of August. I shall consider them being away for 5 days, my holiday.

9 thoughts on “The Rain Begins.

  1. How bizarre. The rainy season has also started here in the UK. We call it summertime.

    The boot camp, sorry, summer camp sounds excellent. If only I could find something similar here…

  2. Just found your blog via. Mummy bloggers. It’s great (-: As for the rain…same in ‘ole Blighty on and off. That’s the great British shambolic Summer as you know!

  3. We still have those ridiculous arguments here too, and mine are mostly adult ‘kids’. Sometimes I don’t care either, bad mummy!..Phfft!Often to be heard muttering ‘Nothing to do with me, sort it out between yourselves please’…

  4. lmao at Steve’s comment.Made me feel a bit better about being in steamy Japan with a “real” sunny and hawt -as-hell summer to come(touch wood).

    Very jealous of your Heinz.But you have a cold.So I musn’t maon too much.Grr grrr.

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