Brothers in Arms.

I am so over these two boys fighting. It’s driving me nuts. I have considered resorting to my Dad’s method of diffusing tensions and aggression, ‘banging their bloody heads together’. Two things stop me, 1) it really hurts, and 2) it just made me temporarily hate my Dad, and they already hate me enough.
Not that the fighting is anything new, but it seems to be getting worse and worse, they can’t be in the same room as each other for more than a few minutes before it starts. They throw words, then things, then punches.
So I separate them, one in there, one upstairs, which leads to whoever is going upstairs saying ‘why do I have to go upstairs?’,
so I alternate , which leads to the same person saying ‘how come he gets to go upstairs’.
Another little weapon in my arsenal is to send them both upstairs to duke it out where I can’t hear it and to only call upon me if someone needs a ride to the hospital, while making a mental note to get a dress dry-cleaned for the Mother of the Year Award luncheon.

Everyone tells me they’ll outgrow it, when one starts JHS it’ll all reach a natural end. Finger’s X’d.

Actually my dear friend Noren was telling me that some guy recently did some research on violence and bullying in schools, which in JHS in Japan is a huge problem. Aforementioned researcher found a correlation between the increase in violence and bullying and the decrease in the birth rate. That siblings fighting both releases tension and teaches kids limits, that through fighting with sibs, they learn how far they can actually go. So really my fine young sons are just doing their bit to keep schools violence and bully free. Go boys!!!

It’s Sunday today, I can guarantee it will start with squabbling at dawn’s first crack and end in tears.
I’m going to google ‘childfree communes’.

6 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms.

  1. I think letting them go for it out of sight and earshot is the best way – provided they’re not going for it the “Chigaco Way”. Sometimes giving them a common foe works – so they join forces – but as you say; it gets tiring being the bad cop all the time. Why won’t they legalize straitjackets for kids?

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