Chi Chi No Hi.

The day of the father. Twas a nice day. Better than last week, when The Father thought it was Father’s Day and didn’t say why but looked disappointed all day long, only to finally confess why as we ate dinner.
He seemed a lot happier when we told him it wasn’t on the 13th it was on the 20th.
He was even happier yesterday when the chicklets swamped him with chocs and ‘I Love Daddy’ mugs and garish ties.
Kev made him tickets for 5 minute massages. I’m hoping to nick a few for myself.
We went out for dinner and then watched the lamest American Idol final is the history fo the show.

5 thoughts on “Chi Chi No Hi.

  1. 5 minute massage? What a great idea. I could do with one of them. Oh and a 5 minute ego stroke wouldn’t go amiss either (no funny stuff and no “extras”).

  2. I got a card from my Granddaughter; hand-made it was too. She doesn’t have a dad so I sort of fill the gap.

    I was touched by the thought.

    Then she told me that she had been given an option at school; make a card or play cricket.

    Oh well.

    Actually, she does like sport so maybe I was a genuine first choice.

    • Thats really sweet AWB.
      I remember once for an anniversary my Dad bought my Mum a ruby ring, around the stone it had these tiny gold hands carved, with the fingertips touching around the stones.
      My mum was very moved and said, ‘I love the idea of the touching hands…’ and Dad said, ‘let me have a look I didn’t have my glasses on in the shop.’ :).

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