I’ll Moan First.

Busy week with a few things going on, and have meant to update on weekend to beach. Also actually watched half a soccer game last night, my first ever, thought it might be worth a couple of hundred words.
Then my DVDs arrived. Criminal Minds Season 4. Finished 3 last week and 4 isn’t even out on dvd here yet, never mind on affordable weekly rental, so I popped into trusty amazon.com and found to my surprise I could buy season 4 for just 2,000 yen. YAY said me.
Season 3 finished with a real cliffhanger, lots of identical SVUs and one of them blows up but we didn’t know who was in which one.
Someone else discovered they were pregnant. Can’t wait, gripping stuff.
So I rip the box out and look on the back where it’ll tell me exactly how many delicious epsiodes await me and I can start planning my week.
I have to say, I was not best pleased, to read on the back, prior to watching, the outcome of the SVU cliff hanger and full details and disclosure concerning pregnancy, including sex and physical condition of baby???? I stopped myself reading further but I can’t unring the bell.
Why? Why oh why do that????

3 thoughts on “I’ll Moan First.

  1. Spoilers on the back of the box??

    That’s really bad marketing. We’re currenly re-watching Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes, going through all the behind scenes stuff too – but they actually warn you when spoilers might be coming up! Now, that’s the way to do it!

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