Parent-Teacher Meetings.

Woke up this morning, the snooze function isn’t working on my alarm clock, so actually woke up to Kev asking me to sign his pool card.
I’m off on Mondays so was mentally thinking about what I would do and how I would get it done so that I have a couple of hours for Criminal Minds this afternoon, then I remembered! parent-teacher meetings!
Today I’ll toddle off to the elementary school and hear the teachers wax lyrical about my two fine sons. Can’t wait!
Should be okay actually, they very considerately save all their trouble for the home front.

2 thoughts on “Parent-Teacher Meetings.

  1. School is finished the 20th. Our teacher meetings are 21-23. I have a feeling the teacher is going to have a few words for me regarding the pool card. She’s probably looked up the phrase “crazy b*tch” special for our chat.

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