The Weather Report That Turned Into a Rant.

So much of really nothing going on here. The weekend passed without event or even upset.
Saturday we had torrential rain all day but it did bring the temp down a little. Sunday was blistering hot and sunny and I got out into the garden and supported my tomatoes ” come on toms rah rah rah’.
Sunshine has picked her Uni of choice and seems to have committed herself to full on studying. I should point out here, though of course things may have changed since my day, that studying for Uni entrance here does not mean revising.
They actually do not learn in school what they need to know for Uni entrance exams. To pass entrance exams they need to go to cram school, where if they put their heads down and do little else for the next 6 months they just might gain entry.
Quite honestly I think the Uniiversities and the cram schools are in cohoots because this is big business.
I should mention here that, although there have been recent changes to this, we pay for her to go to public high school, it is not free like it is in the UK, so we pay for her to go to a school that does not teach her what she needs to know to go to Uni, so we will pay outside help to teach her this. This is not just her school, she is in a really good high school. This is the system.
Most of the students have been in these crams schools for years, as has been covered in previous ranting posts.
Sunshine has signed on for a summer holiday course, which is 6 days a week form 9.30am to 9.30 pm.
For her Uni of choice she needs to take English, Japanese and either japanese history or economics and social studies.
She doesn’t like Japanese history much ( who does) but they have already covered half the course in school ( why only half the course?)
She does like E/SS but hasn’t done any of that because she didn’t opt for that when she was 15.
My advice was to take the course that she most enjoyed because it’ll be easier if she likes what she’s doing, BUT it is an exam choice only for her first choice of Uni, should she not get in there it isn’t an option for her 2nd choice, so she’s then have to try and pull J.history out of her bum.
I want to point out here that her first choice is a private uni, if she was hoping to go to a public one she’d have to take 7 subjects, including stuff like physics which she lost interest in when she was about 12.
Anyway, I predict great stress coming, I predict in the next six months the entire house will revolve around the exam.
I’ve braced myself, I’m prepared, bring it on.

6 thoughts on “The Weather Report That Turned Into a Rant.

  1. I really dislike the way your date things on the top left hand side of each post change color every month. We wouldn’t get that sort of crazy foreign chaos if you’ld been educated in the Japanese system I bet! ; )

  2. I just had this discussion with my friend Ayako about how I feel that cram schools are a sign that the system isn’t working and how either the curriculum or the entrance exams need to be reformed.

    • Revision would cut out the need for the jukus, and that is A LOT of money ( that could be better spent elsewhere, just saying!) so I think the jukus must be kicking back to the schools or something, somehow, someway…..

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