Rich Rich Rich.

I can barely believe it I have won so much money in the last few days, start sending your begging letters now, all will be honoured.
First I won ONE MILLION POUNDS from BT, seriously, they sent me an email to tell me and all I have to do is send back some personal info and the dosh is mine. Then, like that wasn’t lucky enough, I have won ANOTHER million from the Royal Bank of Scotland, must be my Scottish roots. Same deal, just send some personal info and it’s mine all mine, well ours really because you know I’ll share it all.
Just when I couldn’t fathom how I could spend all this money, I won 750,000 pounds from Toyota, aren’t they nice.
So send me your letters folks and I’ll hook you up.
Rich as I am I’ll still never quit my job in the abattoir.

4 thoughts on “Rich Rich Rich.

  1. Wow. Just wait to some bizarre sounding bank manager in Nigeria emails you to say a distant relative has died in a plane crash leaving several billion dollars unclaimed and you’re the nearest living relative… I had three of those and didn’t even know I had an African connection (apart from Adam and Eve of course).

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