Dealing With Dealers.

So young Jim, can’t get out of bed in the morning, and when he eventually does, he has a tendency towards grumpiness, I am daily forced to reach for Jeff Buckley once he’s out the door, which is 20 minutes later than he should be, every day.
The reason for this is, he won’t go to his damn bed.
He goes up at 9. 15 minutes later he’s back down. he forgot to tell me something. Something is told, he goes back up.
15 minutes later, down he comes again, he forgot to put something in his school bag, up he goes, back he comes, he hasn’t sprayed his ear.
Up he goes, back he comes, this will go on until about 10.30 or 11, by which point my tether and I are no longer connected, and the boy wonder will say, ” I don’t know why you’re so angry, I just want a drink of water, I’ve a raging thirst, is a little water, source of all life, too much to ask for?”

So last night he went up at 9 and he said ,
“Don’t worry I won’t come back down ( he did) because I took some pills so I can sleep”
I said,
” Umm, what? WHAT? WHAT? You did what? what pills?”
” Tomoaki gave me some pills so I can sleep.”
” He did what? What pills and who is Tomoaki when he’s at home?”
” He’s in my group for going to school, he’s the hancho( leader), I told him I’m always late because I can’t get up, because I can’t sleep,
so he gave me some pills.”
” Show me, show me these pills.” ( I may have been a tad shrieky).

He showed me the pills, turns out they were travel sickness pills.
We had a chat about not taking pills AT ALL, and not receiving pills AT ALL from other children.
What with the penchant for bling and the running vest/leisurewear thing, I’m wondering if I should start to worry. 😉

5 thoughts on “Dealing With Dealers.

  1. Good grief. You so did the right thing. Pills for God’s sake! I bet he sleeps fine once he’s actually in bed! Ours is similar though not to such an extreme degree. He’s taken to listening to audio books on his headphones – ignoring the 9pm curfew we impose – and then wondering why he’s so tired the next day.

    • I’m planning on revamping the boys room actually, He sleeps on the top bunk, and though, we’ve had this problem with him since he was little, at the moment I think it’s just too damn hot up there,I think that whole ‘hot air rises’ theory might hold water, so will make some changes and install a cd player and set them up with music or an audio book or a guided meditation or something.


      M. sadly no, I think we might have to hook him up with someone flogging stronger shit!

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