A Jack Bauer Day.

I’m relating to the bit at the beginning of 24 when Jack says, ‘this is the longest day of my life’.
Actually I have had worse days, and longer days, days that I thought would never end, ( isn’t that a song, I’m feeling a snippet of a song there..)but it never hurts to hear Jack via Keifer’s voice, such a lovely voice.
I’ve actually been a bit on edge all week, sort of imagining random acts of violence at every corner, perhaps a little too much ‘Criminal Minds’, might have to take a break from that, maybe move onto ER or HOUSE and just imagine random horrific accidents or incredibly rare but potentially fatal dis-ease coming my way instead.
Glorious sunshine and a freak wave of madness and I decided to pull out all the cupboards and wash all the winter clothes for repacking and make piles of clothes that don’t fit anyone anymore, to give away, and while I was on it i washed all the bedding and hung out the futons and cleaned all the floors and before I knew it, it was lunchtime and I had to get ready for work, and I missed my usual slothful Saturday morning of long bath plus a bit of TV.

On the good news front, entering Doris’ room two mysteries were cleared up, I now know where all the towels are and all the cups and glasses. Every cloud and all that.

The boys got into an argument over ownership of the extensive collection of Pokemon dictionaries which led to one brother locking the other out on the balcony.if I hadn’t been tracking down one of the cats to give him his medicine to stop him sneezing bleeding gobs all over everything , I might not have noticed.

Jim took exception to being asked to help and when it was time to leave I couldn’t find him, eventually did, on the roof. Little bugger had scaled the wall with some kind of spidey skills and was sitting up there feeling sorry for himself.
brought him in and had a ‘chat’.

At work, in one of my classes the kids had to mime various actions while another team guessed what they were doing. One of the actions was ‘shopping’, while other team members wheeled imaginary carts along imaginary aisles, my wall-scaling, drug taking son, mimed
stuffing things in his pockets??? A huge red flag unfurled and whacked me over the head.
I’m home now, with a veritable mountain of dry laundry waiting to be folded.
I think I need a little Don Draper and Mad Men season 3 to ease me into my slumber.

6 thoughts on “A Jack Bauer Day.

    • Oh yeah ! There is really no end to Pokemon.
      Kev collected these things called Pokemon yubiningyo, little plastic things that fit on your finger. Even at 50 p a pop it scares much how much money they represent.

      SWK, oh so very funny…

  1. Woah.You live it up in Osaka alright;pill popping and shop-lifting.Makes for much more interesting gesture games than we have down in cow and rice paddy country I tell you.

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