Making an Honest Living.

Totally swamped in the work department and will be until the 27th of July.
Kids are off school until Tuesday when they go in for an hour and half then off for 6 weeks.
Of course I say this every year but if they could just do away with the hour and half on Tuesday and we could go striaght to summer hols mode now it would be better, anyhoo…

Doing a four day ‘summer school’ at work next week so have been up to my ears preparing all the activities for that. Enlisted the help of my friend F who is a wizz at drawing because I cannot draw for toffee.

On Thursday of next week one of the activities is to make a collage of family photos. I did all the shopping and bought 20 wooden photo frames. So yesterday I was test driving them, making sure the backs came off eaily and seeing exactly how big the insert paper needed to be, when I gashed my finger on the glass front, wrapping it in kitchen towel and trying not to drip on my flashcards I managed to gash a finger on my other hand too, so need to factor time spent in ER into lesson plan once 20 tinies get hold of them.

Day one is making minature gardens from PET bottles. I planted a load of seeds so I would have seedlings for the tinies if they wanted them, they can plant either seeds or seedlings in the bottles. All was going well until we had a storm the other day ( and a day off school for it of course). It was actually a weird storm in the end. usually we’ll get a storm warning ( Keihou) and the kids get a whole day off school, but the storm rages in for about 20 minutes and then beautiful sunshine for the rest of the day, but on Wednesday, it started gathering power around 8am and raged all day long. I could barely hear myself think over the pounding of the rian on the roof.
Anyway , had to rescue my delicate seedlings from the garden, braved the storm, lugged them all inside, and then covered them. Didn’t cover them well enough though as monster cats got under the cover and tried digging them up. spent much of day guarding seedlings from cats.
Now all is well, the sun shines down upon us, seedlings are back outside, soaking up the rays and cats are finding other stuff to destroy.
Off to Sunshine’s parent teacher meeting now.

2 thoughts on “Making an Honest Living.

  1. Thanks Steve, also want to let you know I can’t comment on your blog, I’m getting a security breach message, it’s not you, it’s me ( but I’m not breaking up with you) it’s happening when I go to comment at a lot of my fave haunts, my wonderful voice has been silenced by the powers that be. perhaps I’m too subversive 😉 . I haven’t had time to ask someone why yet, but I am still reading!

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