You Can Thank Your Lucky Stars…

A little Dean Friedman for you there guys, a blast from the past, although I always preferred ‘Lydia’ and some people
know why.
Anyway , back to my luck. I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world. I was born under the luckiest star in the universe, why take this morning for instance.
Up at dawn’s first crack for Day 3 of my summer school programme. Of course I had asked, pleaded, begged the chicklets to help me out, to pick up the slack while I work so hard for money ( oh and self-worth and independence and love of the job etc) that will of course trickle down into their hot sweaty hands. They agreed whole-heartedly to pitch in with household chores etc and then sat on the backsides and did sweet nothing to help out.
Oh I lie, Sunshine agreed to cut short her 45 minute morning shower to 42 minutes so I could take a shower before work, couldn’t dry myself of course because me not being on my game for a week means the dry towels have not made their way back to the bathroom.
” I don’t see why I have to hurry up”
” because I would like to cleanse this river of sweat from my body before I go into the blazing heat”
” But you don’t usually take a shower in the morning”
“I don’t usually go to work at 7.15”.

And Doris helped out by telling me she needed a packed lunch at 7a.m. which I threw together, which she left on the counter, which I took to the school, which she later ‘didn’t get time to eat’.

Don’t get me started on those boys.
Back to my luck.
So Jim and I left at 7.15. We went to the 7/11. I did some photocopying, we bought rice balls for lunch and more cold tea ( making 8 litres a day is getting tiresome with no one else helping).
As we were on the way to my school, a man was reversing a huge truck while he was on the phone, LUCKILY I remembered I didn’t have my mobile, so I turned around to go pick it up.
I walked in the house and saw Kev’s morning snack where I left it for him and LUCKILY remembered I hadn’t bought the morning snacks for the students when I was in the 7/11.
Went back to 7/11 and LUCKILY saw my work bag sitting next to the photocopier, where I’d left it.
LUCKILY, after that everything went like clockwork, though I have refused to make any dinner tonight on the grounds that the people
sitting around at home couldn’t even be fagged to wash their breakfast dishes.
Not so LUCKY for them.

8 thoughts on “You Can Thank Your Lucky Stars…

  1. lol… fabulous. You are like – a domestic goddess – or something! (in my eyes anyway) and I had to laugh at Dean Friedman – my friend went to see him just the other night…

    • lol, I could disabuse you of your notion by posting pix of my house but unfortunately the charger for the camera is awol in the heaps of crap piled around the house.

      Bet the concert was great, would love to see him, but I’d have to go with my friend ( above) Withering, think I’ll put it on my bucket list.

  2. Well if you think about it, all that stuff is quite lucky! 🙂
    I have days like that on a regular basis lately. I swear I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my neck! I blame having too much to organise/look after.

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