An Excellent Day.

So the fine young lads are off to camp on Monday and we have to send their luggage beforehand, so the day was spent locating
extra trunks, torches, raincoats etc.
Jim-Lad needed some sandals and a torch, they both needed insect repellent and sunscreen, the rest of the stuff we manage to scavenge together from around the house.
Typing this I just remembered we didn’t get the sunscreen but I can get that this morning at the home centre.
Shopping done we went to the bookshop, leaving sometime later with a bagfull of books, so we were all pretty excited to get home and dig into them.
At home we lazed around on the sofa for an hour or so reading our new books.
Dinner was takoyaki. Kev took over the proceedings and made it for everyone, ( except me, can’t stand the stuff).
Doris was a bit disappointed, feeling takoyaki is not quite the same with whole wheat flour but she ate a shed load so they can’t have been that bad.
Sunshine doesn’t usually get back until 10, but we were pleasantly surprised to get the call at 8.30 that she needed picking up from the
station so minus The Man of course, we had the whole team present.
there was a minor scufuffle over stolen bras and expensive treatment shampoo usage that I didn’t get in the middle of, but all in all a fun family evening. Should have taken pictures!
We watched The Lost Boys, which I found in the local dvd shop on blue ray. I had meaning to buy it for ages but it was always too expensive, so the kids finally got to watch it and they loved it, which brought joy to my heart.
and for the record Keifer hasn’t changed a bit, perhaps a slightly lower hairline, but the guy has aged well for sure, just like Dad.
I went to bed at 10 with my armful of books and left the kids watching Miley Cyrus.
An excellent day with the fam.

2 thoughts on “An Excellent Day.

  1. My kids adore bookshops, every time we go anywhere (Australia, or Invercargill) al; they want to do is find the nearest bookshop!

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