Ready For Camp.

I’m sitting here in a thin pure cotton vest and I am a humongous ball of sweat, meanwhile back at the ranch, young Kevvers insists on wearing an enormous, nylon soccer shirt, I can barely bring myself to look at him for fear I’ll truly overheat.

So I took two very obnoxious boys to the home centre yesterday for the final bits and pieces for camping, so we could post the luggage off.
( not complaining but really,( I am), another 4000 yen to have the luggage sent there and back, we could carry it to the train!!)

Just as we were leaving my father-in-law called and asked me to buy him a shovel while I was there.
Kevin cranked himself up to a new level of terminal obnoxiousness, quarrelling with me on everything, at one point I told him if he didn’t quit I’d phone the camp place and sign him up for the 12 day course. yes, indeed, any other kid would WANT to stay for 12 days!
To be fair it isn’t just him, Jim has developed quite a talent for button pushing himself. And then there’s me too, I need to just not get into it with them, I need to get all zen and wa, or get drugs.

So we got the sunscreen and the insect repellent bands, we also needed rope for know tying practice, duct tape, some bin bags and Granddad’s shovel.
It wasn’t till I was at the reg. paying and having yet another argument with Kev that I realised that should anything untoward happen to my fine young son, it wasn’t going to look good for me when the CSIs got involved. I would be captured on the security camera buying
all the trappings for a homicide. I just hope they take into account the sunscreen and insect bands and see that I do really care.

If I’ve forgotten anything now, it’s tough, the bags are gone, and the boys are out of here first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll try not to get too lonely.

One thought on “Ready For Camp.

  1. Ah holiday obnoxiousness. We’ve been having plenty of that from the eldest boy, usually centred around the Nintendo DS and how much time he thinks he should be allowed on it and how much time we allow it. I’m almost glad I’m returning to work tomorrow and sending the boy to the school’s holiday club. Almost.

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