Everso Lone, Lone, Lo Lonely….;)

It’s so quiet and sad and depressing around here without the boys, I can barely stand it!!
I tidied up once and everything is still where I left it. the remote control is still on the table, and the batteries are still in it, they haven’t been tea-leafed to crank up a DS. The sofa isn’t covered with crumbs and wrappers, the usual 15 empty cups that lie around are gone!!

Despite my sadness, my melancholy, my loneliness, I managed a little happy dance at the station and I rallied myself to have an awesome day in Osaka with a friend who hot-footed from Tokyo on the bullet train, just to hang out with old me.
We immediately got stuck into what would turn out to be a wonderful, sort of 24 hour long conversation.
We had a lot of good Starbucks drinks and chats, a lovely Italian lunch and bookshop browse. back at the homestead, we tried to ignore the heat and got stuck into some ‘Gavin and Stacey’.
The next hot day dawned and our conversation continued, we barely paused for breath. I did a quick lesson and then it was off to the throbbing metropolis of Kawii-cho ( Population 4) to meet another friend, where we played “Cruise, Marry, Shag’, an educational game we learned from Gavin and Stacey.
Lovely friend Loralei had to return to the nation’s capital in the evening, so we bid each other a tearful farewell, twice actually because the first time was a mistake, it wasn’t my train, then mopping up my copious, loneliness tears and trying to ignore how awful it was not to have two hot fractious, bickering, moaning boys at my feet all day, I forced myself to go out to a delish Vietnamese dinner with an awesome gang of gals who inspire me and make me laugh so much, I was able to put aside my sadness.
Got back into town just in time for Doris getting off the train after softball. we swung by the dvd shop and pick up some disks, went home, the house was cool as I had conveniently left the AC on while I was out.
We watched ‘5 Minutes Of Heaven’, which is heavy but a a great film, when is Liam Neesom NOT worth watching, with all sorts of deep themes like redemption and rebirth, life and death etc. Can’t say Doris was as impressed as me, ( Belfast, the IRA etc not being her all time fave topic) but bless her, she didn’t complain or insist we put The Half-Blood Prince on. ( That’s tomorrow!!).
Paused film and dashed out at 10 to pick up Sunshine from the eki ( station). Surprisingly she was craving chocolate so we sorted that out, and then Doris and I watched the film.
At 11pm it suddenly occurred to me that I ought to make some dinner, so we all took part in a massive cook-a-thon, then I took myself off to bed to enjoy my book stack.
When I got to my bed though and there were no boys in it, to wake up and drag back to their own beds, then I was, I actually was, a bit on the sad side.
Two and a half ( no I’m not counting) more days to try and suck up the tidiness, the dvd watching, hanging out with the gals eating choc times, and the little loves will be back.

One thought on “Everso Lone, Lone, Lo Lonely….;)

  1. I feel for you. Is there a helpline you can ring if things get too much? Please don’t give in to this, please don’t go under… if the worst comes to the worst I’ll ship my kids out to you to tide you over until yours come home. It’ll be a sacrifice but I’m willing to make it.

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