My Lambs Are Home.

My sweet innocent lambs are back in the fold.
A good time had by all.
I got there 20 minutes early, because I have a pathological fear of being late for anything, ever.
No one else seemed to be turning up so i started to worry if I had the right place, though I had checked when i dropped them off that the
pick up was in the same place. Thought I’d better check my map, I had shoved it in my bag as I was leaving the house.
Oops, not the map, had shoved in some bumpf from Sunshine’s juku in by mistake.
Never mind.
With two minutes to spare other mothers arrived.
Then I saw them, the gang of orange hats weaving through the station.
Jim smiled and waved and looked pleased to see me until he remembered that his cool new friends might see him
and so he affected dis-interest.
Counldn’t see Kev. Minutes later still couldn’t see Kev.
Turns out the wag, little comedian that he is, was hiding behind a pillar, watching the camp staff have a mini panic that they might have left a child on the train.
He’s so funny he should get a summer spot in Blackpool.

Turns out they had the most fabulous time, both talking at the same time they regaled me with stories of speed boats and diving, kayaking,
bass fishing, pretty much everything the brochure promised was delivered. The food was pretty good, there was plenty of it, lots of planned activities and plenty of free time too.
Both insisted they want to go back next year for the full 12 day course.
I was keen to get their names down for that right there and then, lest someone changes their mind, but couldn’t quite catch the staff’s eye,
don’t think they’d quite moved on from the ‘lost boy’ gag. Maybe now isn’t the best time!

On the way home we stopped for the Hokkaido ramen I’d promised them, still smiling and chattering about their experiences.
Both are beautifully and deeply tanned.
Got home, glad that all went well.

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