I got back from work to find the house in darkness, all the doors open, all the AC on and the bulbs in both the living room and the dining room blown. It begs the question, how many 13 year -olds does it take to change a lightbulb?
More than 10 obviously!
Darkness aside, all went well, the girls were all at the festival until after 10, the boys were there until about 9.30, I was sipping coffee and putting the world to rights with my friend and The Man even made it home before 10.30.

Apparently there were hi-jinks and frivolity until 4a.m. but I didn’t hear a thing, and then they were all up, with the cicadas, giving them a run for their money on the noise factor.
I went for a shower at 8a.m. and when I came out they had cleaned all the rubbish up, washed the dishes, put the bedding away and were all on their merry way to softball practice.
It’s so EASY!! Seriously! they can come here anytime, and I am glad that Doris feels she can invite them here and that they want to come, but they are absolutely no trouble at all.
Individually and in their own homes they are probably as dour and monosyllabic as our Doris, but with their public faces on, they were smiling and joyous, polite and wonderful.
I wonder if they chatted all night about Doris’ new boyfriend who I know nothing about?

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