Issues of Responsibility.

So once more we are running willy nilly through the minefield of responsibility.
Sunshine was talking about yukatas, ( lightweight summer kimono) about how she’d ‘have’ to wear one of the blue ones.
I said, what about the pink ones, one lovely one was a gift from a kind neighbour, a yukata that had been the neighbours very own when she was but a young thing, the other, I bought for her myself, the cost of which left my purse so badly dented I had to call in the panel beaters.
She said,
” oh those? They’re ruined”.
I said,
” what do you mean ‘ruined’?
she said,
” They were in the pool changing rooms at school and it was flooded during a typhoon, and they were covered in mold, so I had to chuck them”
I said,
” what were they doing at school?”

” I needed them for the bunkasai and then I forgot to bring them home”
” what a waste Sunshine, they were beautiful yukatas, the dark one was a generous gift from Mrs T and the other one I bought for you and it didn’t come cheap.”

She said,

Now much as we take pains to keep BLAME out of conversations here, to focus on solving problems rather that using the word ‘fault’, exactly whose fault is it? who is to blame here?
I am not best pleased about this.

Later the same day, Kevin wanted to watch a Harry Potter dvd, alack it wouldn’t play properly and further investigation revealed it is scratched to high heaven, because folk persistently and consistently fail to return disks to their boxes, they leave them lounging around on the floor, gathering dust and being trodden on by the cats.
I said,
” we’ve had this problem before Kevvers, what are we going to do about it?”

“Go to Book Off tomorrow and buy another one?”

Not the answer I was looking for.

2 thoughts on “Issues of Responsibility.

  1. Grrr. I know this situation so well. Nothing gets my goat more then our eldest not taking responsibility for his own mistakes. That in itself is irritating but when he then blames everyone else and expects everyone else to solve it, like NOW, then I tend to blow. Probably not the best reaction, I know.

  2. OMG,my Biggie,at the tender age of 5,is the same already;she is actually looking forward to our 14 year old hound dying so she can(she believes) get a new puppy.

    We were never that bad….I swear.

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