No Comment!

I’m sorry to say, I can’t comment on blogger blogs, get some weird error message. It isn’t just me, the blogger help boards
are full of the problem, other people are having problems commenting from wordpress, but, strangely enough, not everyone, some people can, some can’t, some can comment on SOME blogger blogs but not on others.
Anyway, I’m reading you, but I’ve been gagged! Some may say it’s not a bad thing 😉

2 thoughts on “No Comment!

  1. Hope they get it sorted out soon! I miss you round at my place!

    Do you have to access blogger via WordPress? Can’t you just go straight to it in your browser?

  2. Steve, I think I can do it and leave wordpress out of the loop, but then there is no link back to me, which I was trying to avoid, but I think I’ll just get over that and and go open ID with another name or go through google.

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