Pokemon Love

There is a lot that is great about life here, but unfortunately, if I don’t get a break from it, and then it’s blistering hot and muggy, and the kids are off school for 6 weeks, things can start getting on my nerves.
So I was in that kind of mood yesterday, some things were beginning to annoy me, then out of the blue I had one of those feel good moments that reminded me of why I like it here.
Every summer the 7/11 ( or iholdings) has a pokemon stamp rally. Each shop has a big, square pokemon stamp, a different one in each shop.
The kids get a card, there are four blank squares on each side. If they get four different stamps they get a sheet of pokemon stickers and an application form for a big pokemon draw. If they get 8 different stamps they also get a big pokemon poster, showing details of the different characters.
I don’t know if it’s the recession or what but these days, convenience stores are closing down all over the place and 7/11s are not as easy to come by as they once were.
There is one near us, another waaay on the other side of town, a third near the out-laws, but that precious fourth one is nowhere to be found, forget the 8! Not a cat in Hell’s chance, I would question whether or not there 8 stores left in the whole prefecture. I saw myself having to buy posters for my broken-hearted little chicklets.
Tuesday, I find myself waay over on the previously mentioned side of town and I get an emergency call from Jim.
” are you near Shiraniwadai?”
” I am indeed oh little one, how may I be of service on this glorious day, how, my little one, may I dedicate my time to
making your day wonderful?”
” The stamp cards are in the car, can you get a stamp from the 7/11 in Shiraniwadai?”
” I can do that” said I.
So off I toddled, for some reason there were about 5 cards lying on the floor in the back of the car, clearly a violation of the ‘no littering in my new car’ rule, but I let it slide this once.

I went in the shop. Anyone who knows me will confirm this, but i can’t ever just walk in a shop like a normal person, I dash in, or try to open the door the wrong way, or trip over the mat, or slide on a wet floor, or knock things off shelves…. nuff said, so I made my usual graceless entrance and hithered and thithered around the shop looking for the stamp place, which was right in front of me of course.
Stamping the card, I saw that two of them had 3 stamps on and the others only one. then the guy asked me,
” How many more stamps do you need ?”
” 1 more for these two and two more for the others” I say.
he asked me where I got the other stamps and I told him we’d got one over in Osaka, I mentioned that the boys always collect them in the summer but it’s getting hard to get them all now.
then he asked me how many kids I have, and because I’m never really very with it, I didn’t think before I said 4.
And then he said,
” here take these…don’t tell anyone ( you’re not anyone right?) and he gave me four sheets of stickers.
” I thanked him profusely of course and I was just about to move away from the counter when he said,
” you might as well take these too..” and gave me 4 posters!!
What a nice guy, I hadn’t even bought anything!! I just LOVE random acts of kindness….
The boys were so chuffed when I gave them their stuff. I saw my friend on the way home too and gave a set to her son…
which leaves me with a surplus set, which in the interests of spreading the love, I’m going to give away to one lucky reader.
Obviously, demand will be high and there is only one set, so I’m afraid I can’t open this to everyone, there will be some entry criteria which
has to be met.
1. You must be a boy of approximately 9 or 10 years.
2. You must love Pokemon
3. You must live in the Leamington region

Anyone who can meet all these conditions please email me your address and I’ll send them on to the lucky winner!!!

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Love

    • OH! My brother is everything Pokemon, but we don’t have 7-11 here in MN! I saw one of those great all character posters from their promos, but can’t buy them anywhere online! Oh well, great story though, you’ll make some young boy happy!

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