Beat the Heat.

You can’t, try as you might, you cannot beat the heat. Get up at dawn’s first crack and it’s already ( still ) suffocatingly, clingingly hot.
I feel like the humidity got into my brain and dampened the synapses..
After my morning lesson, my dear friend Jinko, mother of Walnut asked me if she could take the boys to the beach with her and her kids for the rest of the day.
Can she? HELL YEAH, after a lot of kissing and hugging, I was a whirling dervish, dashing around for goggles and sunscreen and they were out the door before she could change her mind.
Doris walked in 3 minutes later and we decided a little film viewing was in order.
The aircon in the living room is not working well, this is because it is about 20 minutes past it’s five year guarantee. It works a bit, the situation is not hopeless, but it isn’t very effective. We had the fan cranked on full too.
We set the table up with all our film viewing essentials, crisps, chocolate chip cookies, coke and ice.
I baggied the sofa of course.
First up, The Godfather. have not seen this for about 10 years, but it never ever gets old does it?
You all know how much I love watching stuff, but I especially love watching great films with the chicklets and them loving them too.
Doris is an ideal viewing companion, she’s a quick study, she doesn’t talk too much and she keeps the crisps coming without being told, what more could you want.
An hour in, the heat became too much, and I had a brain wave, if hot air actually rises, and I believe it does, I believe this is a scientific fact, not an old wives’ tale, maybe it’d be cooler on the floor, 12 inches lower.
I dragged a futon in front of the telly to test the theory.

Now in other news I’ve yet to share, I got my new phone, yes indeed *that* phone, the life changing phone.
I wanted the new phone, but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to work it, how wrong was I, it’s like they made it idiot proof, it is so easy to use.
So I began my multi-tasking, because you would not believe what you can do on these phones.
I was able to simultaneously lie on the futon, eat crisps, watch The Godfather and take photos of my foot, had I wanted to I could have sent those fotos immediately and forthwith to Facebook, I didn’t do that of course because my foot is not my best feature, it’s only my second best and I was struck by the thought of what an amazing book Dr Seuess could have come out with had he lived in this era of the magic phone.
The Godfather done and much appreciated on many levels by us both, we moved onto ‘Forest Gump’ which Doris totally got because for some reason she has a latent history buff gene and so she got all the stuff about JFK and segregation and Lieutenant Dan’s destiny.
The boys returned from a wonderful day frolicking in the surf, yakisoba was made and consumed and we finished the evening off with ‘Rabbit Proof Fence,’ which even the boys got really into, and which is both an excellent book ( by Doris Pilkington Garimara) and film and I read somewhere that Kenneth Brannagh donated his earnings from the film to the Aboriginal Stolen Generation fund.
The point was not lost on the chicklets that these children were dragged kicking and screaming from their mother’s busom because they were ‘half’. So not a lot of laughs but good family moments and before we knew it it was time for the 5th shower of the day and the boys had conked out on the floor. it might have been the mention of the word ‘shower’ that did it.
Only another week of hols left…..

8 thoughts on “Beat the Heat.

  1. Sounds excellent! I love long lazy movie days with the kids, haven’t done it for a while, as I started to run out of ideas for movies, but of course, I can, and should, move on to more grown-up movies and drama. Rabbit Proof Fence is a brilliant choice!

  2. Oh we’ve seen Rabbit Proof Fence several times, the girls love it even tho it made them cry the first time we watched it! Last night we watched Bubble Boy – which probably makes ya cry but for a differeent reason!! 🙂

  3. God,hate you for quite a few reasons(“the phone”,lying on sofa and crisps to be specific;) ).

    Rabbit Proof Fence…..obvioulsy we share the same tastes.I cried my eyes out yet again,on Sunday,when I watched it.Very sad to find out(after a Wiki search) that Molly Craig died in 2004 and didn’t have the “happy ending” that she so fully deserved.

    And as for Kennth B.I fell in love with him when I saw him in The Fortunes of War on BBC2 many many moons ago.

    • Yeah I had a good old, weep and I’ve seen it a few times. Sad about Molly and also details on Gracie are thin on the ground, clearly things didn’t end well but wiki had zero info. Have you read the whole trilogy? I’ve only read RPF.
      Personally I hate Kenneth Brannagh, he sets my teeth on edge, but he IS a good actor .
      Come over for crisps and sofa??

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