Pleasant Surprises.

Some good karma came our way over here.
As previously mentioned the living room air-con was not working well and had just passed it’s 5 year guarantee.
The guy came and said we needed a new part for it. There was a possiblility that we needed part a) very cheaply replaced, don’t know what it was or b) a new compressor which would cost 70,000 yen to replace, which would then put us in a quandry over whether to replace it at great cost or buy a whole new air-con for around 100,000.

Wednesday was D-Day, the guy was coming at 4.30. I had to dashitty-dash from work to get back in time and was running late so I called Doris and Kev to say, let the guys in I’m running a little late.
When I got there the guys were already hard at work and they didn’t say anything to me about what they were doing, so I figured they must be changing the el-cheapo part.

Time rolled on, the three of us were in the cooler climes of the dining room playing uno.
Then Kev poked his head through the door and said, it’s a new air-con.
I said, ‘don’t tease’ because that kind of thing is what passes for humour aorund here.
” No really” insisted the lad.
I looked, and indeed there it was in all it’s glory, a brand new air-con, which I later priced at 140,000 yen in the Joshin brochure.
So I leapt in the room a little panicked as there had been no discussion of this and I was concerned about how much it might suck out of the rapidly dwindling coffers.
I said, ” You’ve replaced it with a new one??” ( rule number one, always start by stating the obvious)
” yes” said the lovely man. ” It was the compressor which is expensive to replace and your guarantee is only just finished so we decided we’d just replace your unit”.
I thought it might be inappropriate to kiss him, so I gave him a nice big glass of iced-tea.
I LOVE it when unexpected good shit happens.
Hope you’re all experiencing similar……..

9 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprises.

  1. Hey thats ‘cool’! (haha, I am so funny I make my own eyes itch)…I like a good Karma story! Let’s hope there is more good stuff in store for you this week eh! šŸ™‚

  2. I am genuinely happy for you but plainly the good karma fairy is on your side of the world rather than mine – having the week from hell here: work probs, moaning colleagues and contractors and the head gasket has blown on our car thus putting paid to all the travel plan we had for our week off next week. šŸ˜¦

  3. Hi there. Amusing as always. I have been away from wordpress lately, being hooked on crossword puzzles. So I thought I’d sign in and read my favorite blog mate’s entry. Thanks for not letting me down! Stay cool.

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