All Good Things Must come To an End.

Took the chicklets to the pool as I promised I would.
I actually promised that if ALL homework was completed by midnight Sunday night I would take them to the slide pool about 8km away, for the day Monday.
Then, in an effort to be a little more flexi-Mum and try to be accommodating, I agreed that if everyone promises to lie on the sofa , doing Wii and dropping chocolate ice-cream on the clean covers, well then, and only then, would I consider taking them. They came through of course, with flying colours, and to the pool we went.
It’s quite good, as pools go, well good for us, because residents of our fair city get in half- price, it would not be worth it at the full-rate.
If you get there in time you can bag a spot with some shade, there are two slides, the legally mandated moving pool, and a couple of other pools.
I had a stamp card with 3 spaces left on it, which if filled would entitle me to one person free. Somehow, as I was paying, and fishing for my driving licence, and carrying the extremely heavy cooler bag and a basket full of towels, with Kev hanging off my arm moaning, a moan, so long it started the minute he woke up and is still, now, showing no signs of letting up, somehow in the chaos my stamp card didn’t get stamped and I didn’t get my free person.
Ten minutes later when I realized the mistake I went back to the gate and explained the situation, the girl on the gate apologised and said she’d get me a new card. I said , ‘what about my free person?’
She said” oh yes, I’ll reimburse you. Would you like to be reimbursed for a child or an adult?”
( do you want 400 yen back or 800?)
“ Ummmm I’ll take the adult back please Bob”.
So that was good.
Jim and Walnut’s brother SP, dashed off happily, Doris enjoyed herself but there are strict rules about showing that in public, Kev, Kev, as I mentioned moaned a lot.
One of the slides you could go down in a sort of inflated two man dinghy type thingummy, with two seats, so you sort of slot your bum in and hang your legs a-kimbo.
Doris asked for the front slot.
There was a large sign saying the maximum weight capacity was 200 kgs, so we whiled away our wait in line with the kids speculating whether or not I would be allowed on.
Oh how they laughed. I love my kids.
So Doris got the front spot, I got the rear, all was well until we shot out the chute at the end, where about 50 people stood watching, eagerly waiting their turn for the dinghy.
I learned what Doris already knew, there can be no elegant dismount from the rear position.
Meanwhile, in the shade, moany Kev had seen people with ice-creams and decided that that and only that could restore him to usual sunny self. Alack he had only 50 yen of his pocket money left, he was 200 yen down.
Enterprising as he is he offered to sell me his toe nails for 20 yen each. I leapt on it because it meant I get to pull them off myself. Not at the roots of course, that’d take too long, but you know when toe nails are long and there’s a sort of natural perforation, I like to just yank them off with my bare hands, it’s very satisfying, but since they got older the kids don’t let me do it very often, preferring to yank away themselves. So for just 200 yen I enjoyed a couple of minutes of ripping my son’s toenails off.
Ice-cream eaten Kev’s mood improved, maybe he just needed sugar? Maybe he doesn’t have a difficult personality, he has a sugar problem.
So we all hit the big pool and played a new game, ‘ Rabbit Proof Fence’, the ‘fence’ being the rope dividing the lanes.
Not a traditional summer pool game but fun nevertheless.
This involved taking it in turns to be the ‘bad man’ in the car chasing the ‘halfs’ ( halves?) along the fence, Doris piggybacking Kev, just like in the film, while yelling at the others to ‘come on, it’s 1400 kms and Mama is waiting’,
I didn’t get much chance on the ‘fence’ because I’m not ‘half’, I pointed out that actually I am, I’m half English, half Scottish, which prompted, and I must say kudos to their maths teachers for the speed at which they replied, that maybe in fact they were not technically ‘half’ either, they were actually, a quarter English, a quarter Scottish and half Japanese.
SP who is not half anything then got flung off the fence to play the trapper.
It was all good fun.
So here we are. 8a.m., school starts TOMORROW and there’s homework to do. I’ll hazard a guess fun won’t factor into this day.

7 thoughts on “All Good Things Must come To an End.

  1. Your post will send me off to work with a massive grin on my face(a rare thing,may I add).

    You’re blog is one of the very few that I enjoy reading that doesn’t need photos; it is colourful and descriptive enough without.A very rare thing,IMHO.And dammit,yet another thing to add to my “Ii na” envy list”;-)

  2. a 200 kg limit, and they questioned if you would be let on and laughed? Mine would have to start fixing their own meals as there would be no telling what I would add to the recipe.

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