And Back They Went

I remember when I was little , my Mum telling me that as you get older, time goes by quicker.
Well, get me a free bus pass because this summer hol sort of went by quite quickly.
I feel past years have dragged on much longer, or maybe, now that they have gone back I have already blacked out most memories of the last 6 weeks.
They all got up on time, I got my arse in gear and made everyone breakfast, I even glimpsed The Man before he headed to the mines.
Made two packed lunches, located hats, Kev even brushed his teeth without moaning.
Off they went, smiling with a ‘pip pip, cheerio’. Back in 2 hours.
Kev actually asked me last night, what was the point of going in this morning when they finish at 11.
” it saves lives my son” said I.
So now, here I am, my house is supremely trashed, it has reached new and dizzy heights of mess and chaos, but it’s quiet.
2 hours is probably all I can stand of it actually.

2 thoughts on “And Back They Went

  1. Our go back next Tuesday. We’re currently clinging to the last days of the holiday like a one armed man hanging off a cliff. Time does go by far too quickly when you’re an adult. Sometimes it does the same when you’re a kid.

  2. Our holidays don’t start until the last week of September, we have a four term year you see. The longest break is from early December and they don’t go back until February. Its a killer.

    I’ve noticed time whipping past, no longer waiting it’s turn politely until we were all ready to cross….

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