Unite Against The Gremlins

My Darlings We Must Be Vigilant.
To my lovely children. I don’t want to scare you but we are being invaded by outside forces.
Perhaps they are running amok around the house now as we relax in the comfort of our own home. Perhaps they steal in in the dark of night. Perhaps they watch you leave for school and myself for work before they make their play.
We don’t know who they are, we cannot see them but we must remain on our collective guard against them.
Someone, or something is going into the bathroom and willy-nilly dropping wet towels on the floor, more wet towels on top of dry towels dampening them all. This same ‘creature’ is emptying the contents of Sunshine’s bathroom drawer all over every available surface, eyeliners, hot irons, eyelash curlers,face massagers, everywhere, so a Mama can barely find her contact lenses when she needs them.
Not satisfied with bathroom mayhem they make their way to the fridge, everything is gone, they will eat anything they can get their hands on, even the carefully cling wrapped dishes we call ‘daddy’s dinner’, I realize Daddy is just the sad sack that works 20 hours a day to pay for the food in said fridge , but do these creatures have no respect? Do they not realize that Daddy is entitled to a morsel of food when his working day ends at 1 a.m.
Contents of school bags strewn around the living room, plates and bowls, that none of you have used, lying on the table, dirty clothes dumped on top of clean clothes, which are on top of dirty clothes….DVDs that no one has watched, pulled from their protective cases and left lying around in front of the TV.
Ice-cream wrappers on the floor…..
Misappropriation of Mama’s stuff, stuff she needs for work.
Why just yesterday I found my missing ipod, plugged-in in a young child’s room, young child having no knowledge of this whatsoever even though said child’s ipod isn’t working.
These naughty little buggers will remove my phone from it’s charger and put one of your phones on instead, leaving mine on the floor to be stood on like last week’s rubbish.
I KNOW it’s not you guys, I know this because I asked you, let’s say , more than once , and you all said, practically in unison,
‘It’s not me’

Kids, we do not know what form these gremlins take,
I ask you to be hyper-vigilant with me, let’s work together to put a stop to this vandalism…..who knows, they may escalate and next time it might be YOUR stuff that is removed, hidden, destroyed…
Love you. xxx

3 thoughts on “Unite Against The Gremlins

  1. Spray everything with ultra voilet paint and then just wait for these creatures to strike again. You should then be able to follow them back to their nest and hit them with a subpoena. Or something.

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