Nothing New Again

So another week has flown by and I have nothing to show for it really except I was very busy at work with new students banging down my door and a few books I got around to reading and was very glad I did. I’ve barely seen a minute of the telly as I read one after the other, 3 unput -downable books.
The chicklets are doing nothing remarkable or destructive enough to commit to print.
We did have a cool breeze blowing through the other day which had us all on edge, wondering if it was the end of days.
Despite my morbid obesity I have been out the house, though of course I had to get the fire brigade to cut me out of my sofa and remove an exterior wall so I could be fork-lifted to work.
Thought I might get caught up on some blogging, a few posts I’ve been mulling over, but the weekend is full too.
Young Doris, which reminds me, hands up whose kid was made vice- captain of the softball team….
” oh me, me , me that would be me”,
indeed, young Doris has softball all weekend, so we’ll be off to watch tomorrow morning, taking feral boys and a picnic, then work till late evening. Sunday I’m off toa work related presentation, The Man is also working, not happy with 20 hours a day 6 days a week he has to go in Sunday too??
The wonderful Uncle Brick will be taking one feral child off my hands, must find something productive for the other one to do.
So you’ll probably just all have to manage without me.
On that note, I have noticed that a lot of the brilliant blogs I read daily are updated constantly, with interesting, funny, quality posts.
How do you do it! I know you have families, I know you have jobs, where do you find the time/energy and concentration.
Hats off to ya!!

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