A Whole Lot of Nothing.

The vicious rumour that was circulating about how this year there’ll be no autumn and how it’s just going to be red hot till November when we’ll be suddenly , overnight , plunged into an ice-age, seems not to have much merit. It’s still pretty hot, but the mornings and evenings are cool, and altogether very pleasant.
The chicklets are back in their beds, after sleeping in the living room all summer and I’m beginning to find the floor.
Next weekend is sports day, which they are all practicing for , in the heat every day, so they’re conking out at 8 or 9 every night.
The Man is getting home early, by which I mean 10 pm, so we’ve even had a few conversations.

I usually clean my house ( ish) on Monday mornings and friday afternoons, the three days in between there isn’t time to do much other than the dishes and the laundry.
It always surprises me when I tackle the bathroom on a Friday that in just three days it can get into such a state.
Obviously, my teenage girls are molting, there is long, long hair on everything, especially all over the sink, lumps of dried toothpaste on the sink, rubbish on the floor, I mean why go to all the bother of hitting the foor pedal on the bin, right next to your foot, when you can just toss the shampoo wrapper at your feet? Bottle and sprays of magic potions, dribbling down their sides, caps off, strewn around, wet hair grips leaving rusty marks on the window sill.
I was thinking that growing up, our bathroom was NEVER like this, it was always clean and tidy, we must have been really tidy teenagers I thought, then the penny dropped, and clanged loudly at the bottom of my empty head…my Mum cleaned it every day!!
that said though, we did not grow up with an array of shampoos, herbal shampoos, treatment shampoos, dry hair/oily hair/permed hair/organic/scented/scent-less…. we had VOSINE, like it or lump it, and you couldn’t leave the cap off, it screwed open.
I remember desperately wanting this ‘new’ product, I think it was called Batiste or Baptiste, or something, DRY SHAMPOO, you just sprayed it in for when you didn’t have time to wash your hair. I got a 5p off coupon in my Photo-Love magazine and couldn’t wait to buy the stuff.
The irony being, that as a teenager I had nothing BUT time, I could have been washing my hair or the life-long day and still not been busy.
Further irony, after you sprayed it in your hair it left all this dry white powder that needed to be washed out…but I kept it in my bedroom ( in case my brothers stole it for their own personal use) I didn’t litter the communal bathroom with it.

That aside, not much to report. Work is very busy and when we finished, I knew I couldn’t muster the energy to make any dinner so we decided to go out to the el-cheapo ‘ italian’ restaurant. All was well, there was only four of us, The Man still working, Sunshine at cram school.
We chatted, we joked, we filled our ravenous faces. Then ‘ someone’ might have been me, said ‘no’ sorry , not giving you 1 pound-fifty to stick in a machine for a plastic toy, and the fun and games began. I learned that I’m all sorts of nastiness, 24 deep, deep levels of mean.
The boy’s ire continued until we got home and he exhausted himself on his own pissed-offness.

Sunday today, off to a work related presentation, in fact I am one of the work related presenters, cannot imagine right now, what possessed me to say I’d do it, my friend suggested ‘a recent blow to the head’.
Must go and start panicking….

6 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Nothing.

  1. It’s one of the rites of passage of growing up when you come to terms with the fact there was never a cleaning-up fairy… someone human had to do it; and now that human is you.

    Best of luck with the presentation!

  2. Plus, we’re wondering how much longer we can blame our messy house on “the earthquake did it”, I’m thinking maybe Xmas??

  3. Oh god,Teenagers.The word scares the crap out of me.

    And I remember that dry shampoo.Never tried it but my mum used it when she was in hospital for her varicose veins many years ago.Bet you wanted to know that now,didn’t you;)

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