The Yes/No Game

Good morning darlings,
No, I haven’t forgotten you have a field trip,
no, there is no fish this morning,
yes there is chocolate spread,
yes there is soup
no your toast isn’t ready yet
yes I made eggs
no there’s no tea
yes you may play with your friend after school,
no you may not got straight to his house,
yes you must come home first,
yes you must be back by 6
no you can’t sleep at his house on Saturday
yes you can go to the cinema on Sunday
no I won’t give you any money
yes I washed your P.E. kit
no I didn’t put it in your school bag
no it was not me that spilled everything out of your bag on the floor
no I’m not lying
no I don’t have a class tonight
yes I paid for your tests yesterday
no I haven’t seen my electric dictionary
no I didn’t move your stuff
no I didn’t use your shampoo
yes we can have udon for dinner
no I don’t know what’s for dinner tomorrow
yes I know there’s a meeting at school next week
no I didn’t touch your socks
no I don’t know where your hat is
no I can’t pick you up from school
no I can’t take you to school
yes I’m busy today
no I didn’t make you a dental appointment
yes I’ll pick up at the station tonight
no I don’t know what we’re doing on Sunday
no I don’t know if it will rain today
Yes the car is locked
yes I know where the keys are
no I don’t know if you left your umbrella in the car
no I don’t have an umbrella to lend
iterashai my lovelies, have a great day……

6 thoughts on “The Yes/No Game

    • Can so identify,Catriona! Sounds like you have it off to a fine art! Do you ever find that your pronounciation has been affected from the odd teeth clenching episode….when you feel that there are way too many questions…and not enough you? Really enjoyed your post! Want to read more of your blog…but later! Take care!


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