Miracle In Ikoma

Kev, who I can no longer secretly think of as ‘dirty Kev’ or ‘smelly Kev’ has discovered the bath. Not only is he going in it, he’s washing himself and his hair, he smells of lavender scented bath salts and Tsubaki shampoo. Not only is he doing all of this, but he is running the bath himself, and changing socks and underwear without direction, prompting or coercion.
I’m expecting the little chaps from The Vatican to come and verify any day now.

I’ll let you into the secret of this transformation though you can read all the details in my new book
“ Hygiene and the 12 year old Boy: ” , all being well, available at Amazon.com by Christmas.
For you oh loyal readers I’ll let you in on it first, here, free!
GIRLS!! That is the secret. Kev has discovered girls. Or rather girls have discovered him and rather than just freak out and eat his T shirt over it he’s decided to get clean. He has been receiving little love letters from 4 girls. 2 are in his class and 2 in the class next door. He’s having a brief flirtation with being ‘Mr Popular’. He comes home and does his fake shy/faux pissed off face and says ‘ I got another one’.
I am not permitted to read these missives, but am permitted to watch him take them in and out of his lock box, smooth them out and count them 15 times a day.
Thank you girls, you have succeeded where this mother was failing.

7 thoughts on “Miracle In Ikoma

  1. Bwahahahahahahahaha! I love it! So adorable to think of a youngin’ discovering girls. Oh the things my friends and I did to tease poor boys just like your son. It all began in 6th grade, though I do remember some “dating” of friends as early as the 4th grade!

  2. I took the New Teen ice skating with her class at school, and one of her friends was spotted skating round holding hands with a boy. There were 2 groups of reactions to this sight…from the girls much beaming and “aw cute” and from the boys great gusts of laughter and pointing.

  3. Cute!! One of my sons recently went on his first date, only it was, ahem, the younger son (in 5th grade), not his older brother in 10th grade! It was a double date to a local festival, and he was gone all day 🙂 When mine gets notes or small presents from girls he puts them into a tin that says 開けるな!DO NOT OPEN! My older son gets nothing of the sort, unfortunately… 😦 The girls tell him he makes a good first impression, but talks too much.

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