Where ya been?

So another week goes by without an update, oh that Miss behaving must be swamped
With the grind of life and children you must think, up to her eyeballs in intense yet brilliant parenting situations no doubt.Or perhaps you think I’m busy swanning up and down the rice fields in my kimono sipping green tea.
Actually I’ve been pretty much brain dead the entire week and I also blame Bloggertropolis for highlighting and ‘sharing’ so many great blog posts on Facebook that I get very distracted and all plans to update go awry.
Time really does fly when you’re reading other people’s blogs. Suffice to say it has been an unremarkable week here in my one horse town.
There was a minor gaijinity incident at the P.O. when the woman tried to give me a step by step lesson on how to write the date on the slip for a package I was posting, but I have been evolving at a tremendous rate of late and I decided to just let it go. Read on for a mini round up of the week’s developments.

Reading: The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster, it’s brilliant, Mr Auster never disappoints.
Watching: Spooks, not all that interesting but packed with hot men with lovely british accents.

4 thoughts on “Where ya been?

  1. hi, I love your blog – I am also reading lots of blogs – I have spent so much of work’s time reading blogs in the last couple of weeks – if they knew – I would be ironing my P45 right now. I have just started blogging – still feeling a bit shy. struggling with the technology – love your page layout… am off to find you on twitter now – you have a stalker – I hope that’s ok?

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