Chatting With Doris

Doris was out at 5.30 this morning for softball matches. She came down to my work at about 6 and did a class with me until 8. She was quite grumpy by the time we were leaving. I decided to take them out for something to eat. ( Kev is an the outlaws’ place for the night)
In the car, I put her fave song on ‘ Hey There Delilah’, but she didn’t come round. So I tried joking and chatting, still no luck.
We get in the restaurant and order and she says,
“ Mum, you and me, we’re the same, we have the same personality. You know how you work late on Wednesdays, and when you come home you’re tired and hungry and grumpy, well we just leave you alone for half an hour, after you eat something you’re happy again, so we don’t bother you while you’re grumpy, we don’t tell you jokes, we don’t try to make you sing, we just leave you alone, because you want to be left alone till you have some food and a sit down. Why can’t you just do that for me. I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m grumpy, can’t you just let me be?”
“ Oh sorry!”
“ that’s okay, you know for next time right?”
“ yeah, got it.”
She ate a burger with veg and a few fries, a large portion of rice, a pizza, a bowl of soup and 2 foccacias, and half of her brother’s carbonara. I guess she was really quite hungry.
We sang ‘Delilah’ on the way home.
I love this girl so much, she’s so much cleverer and wiser than me.

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