Chatting with Jim

Chatting with Jim.
Exploiting my child through labour , young Jim was at work with me today.
I had him laminating some new flashcards and I decided to jazz up the empty box from
the manju Kev brought back from Hiroshima.
Seeing me with my fancy scissors and tape, Jim asked me what I was doing.

So I said, “ oh I’m just going to do a bit of magic”, meaning the transformation of the box.
He says, “ You can’t do magic”.
I said, “ I can do anything”.
He said, “ I hadn’t heard.”
So I said, “ Well I’m surprised you hadn’t heard but it’s true, I can do anything.”
He said, “You can’t do magic.”
I said, “ Yes I can.”
He said, “what magic have you done?”
So I said, “ Well I grew a live human child inside my body, that’s pretty magical isn’t it?”
He said, “ No, that’s science. ( excuse me!). Anyone can do that.
I said, “ You can’t”.
So he holds out his arms with his palms facing upwards in the universal expression of
‘wtf are you talking about’ and says, “ I haven’t got a womb.”

I’m sure I would remember if I had had any conversation with him with the word ‘womb’ in.
This little confab with Jim reinforced my belief, that you really don’t have to tell a fourth child anything,
somehow all knowledge will come to them.
You don’t really have to raise them, whatever crappy, scrappy village is hanging around will chip in and the kid will be raised, failing that, they’ll raise themselves.
Good to know.
Jim is self-raised and he’s done quite a good job of it I think.

6 thoughts on “Chatting with Jim

  1. Good to know! I think my third is doing a pretty good job of raising herself, she certainly learns a lot of language without any input from me, I swear she didn’t learn ‘shut-up’ from me, honest!

    • Yeah your little one always seems to me like she ‘s got everything sussed out and she has those two lovely big sisters too, I believe your work is done, make yourself a cup of tea LOL.

  2. I only have the two, but the little one taught himself to count to 20 and knows all sorts of stuff like shapes and the ABCs. I have no idea where he learned any of it. Sadly I do know where he learned to say “oh sh*t” and I swear it wasn’t from me. I also know where he learned to yell, “YOU’RE MAKING ME CRAZY!” though.

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