Mid terms and study.
Doris has had mid term tests this week, most of her papers are back and
I think her marks, except for English, translate to the ever popular ‘could do better’ .
I could be overly slack on this but I don’t take any of it very seriously.
For one, no one but her can do the work and I figure when she needs to do
better she will under her own motivation. Secondly, I don’t place much faith in a test which the teacher says she has made very difficult and no one will be able to get more than 60% on, I mean what’s the point? Surely the point of these tests ( and let’s not kid ourselves, they are basically memory tests),
would be to ask questions based on what the students have learned, the ones with the steel-trap memory will do well, those who struggle with their own names on a good day will fair less well.
Crappy as that is, it IS better than setting questions your students don’t have a hope in hell of answering.

Meanwhile, back at Juku, my first born continues to work her arse off for these Uni entrance tests which are in January and February. Quite honestly the ridiculousness of the system leaves me speechless and I will spare you all my detailed rantings on the subject, cos surely everyone is bored of it all by now, suffice to say, I’ll be glad when we’re done.

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