So, Sunday, happy Sunday, I went to Nara for a work related meeting and presentation, leaving my fine young sons in the care of their loving Father.
Jim was set to go to an art class, a class that is held four times a year in a local community centre.
He ( and Kev) have enjoyed it in passed years but they’re kind of over it now, Kev refused but Jim wavered so I put his name down. Before I left for my incredibly important high powered professional
gathering, I prepared his paint brushes, jam jar etc.
Off I went. On my return in the early evening, I asked him how it went and he said he didn’t go.
Why ever not? asked I.
I got hurt, I fell off my kickboard.
Where did you hurt yourself?
My tummy.
What happened?
I was going down the hill on the kickboard and my hat blew off, so I turned round to see where it had gone and wiped-out!

At this point he was in the back seat of the car so as soon as I got in I looked at him.
He was lacking substantial amounts of skin from his knees and elbows, had a graze across his nose and when he showed me his stomach I just about stopped breathing. Thankfully he’d had his helmet on.
He had a huge lump hanging off his stomach, I think what our American friends call a ‘goose egg’.
And that’s how big it was, exactly the size of a goose egg, which I know from my considerable experience goose farming. The likes of this I had never seen before. On the head YES, many, many times.
had a few of my own even, but on the stomach? No!!
So, I say to my beloved man. Did you take him to the doc?
“ No”, says he, “ it’ll be okay, the swelling outward is a good sign and he’s fine and genki, he’s been
eating and drinking, we’ll just keep an eye on him.”
Now, if this man has a medical degree I am 100% sure he got it off the internet, so my mind was not really put at ease by his diagnosis. Also he is the most anti-hospital person on the planet. He has only been to a doctor once in the almost 20 years we have been together, and that one time, his mother and I had to practically carpet roll him semi-conscious into the car to get him there.
So I said, that just to be on the safe side I would like to hear that there is nothing to worry about from a guy with an actual qualification and a white coat .

I gathered up my boy, Doris came along because we all LOVE a little drama around here and I * may* have shot The Man a withering look that managed to convey my shock and disbelief at his negligence.
Of course it was Sunday evening, the hospitals are open in rotation, it isn’t easy to find out where is open, where one of these mythical white- coated creatures may be.
Eventually we found one in his natural habitat, and then clearly in cohoots with The Man, took one look and said, ‘ oh that’s fine, it’s a good sign that it’s swelling outwardly, just keep an eye on him, make sure he’s eating and drinking”. He got a few anti-septic swabs everywhere and that was it.
So all was well, Jim is fine, the humble pie would have been better with a little cream.

One thought on “WIPEOUT!

  1. To be honest if that had been one of my boys they’d be in A&E so fast we’d all risk a hernia. Better to be safe than sorry. No humble pie needed. You did the right thing. Be thankful your husband was proved right. Between you both you did a great job.

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