Culture Day

Another national holiday. Culture Day. I’m going to be all cultural and go to Nara, once splendid capital of the country, and do cultural stuff, looking at temples and Buddhas, maybe eating some mochi hot off the stone. Meeting my friend Loralei, for some cultural chat.
It’s a glorious autumn day, sun is shining, air is cool, perfect for Nara Park and the arse-eating deer. Must remember never to bend down.

Plans must be made for Doris’ birthday at the weekend. I asked her what she’s like to eat for her birthday dinner and she gave me menus for breakfast, lunch and evening meal. where did that come from? When did we start the three-meal birthday.
Breakfast, eggy toast and bacon, lunch, Italian restaurant, dinner, shabu shabu restaurant with Grandparents.?? Eating out twice in one day?
Sorry honey, that isn’t going to happen, the current economic crisis extends to our house too you know.
New phone please.
What’s wrong with the phone you’ve got?
I’ve had it for two years.
I repeat, what’s wrong with your phone?
I repeat, I’ve had it for two years.
Sorry love, not reason enough to throw 30,000 yen down for a new one, rub it and run.What else?

Kev’s new passion, is Shogi. It’s a board game, I’ll say a kind of ‘Japanese Chess’ but actually I have no idea. I know there is a board and
pieces that go on the board and players take turns to move. He plays with The Father, he gets out of bed when The Father comes home and he comes back down and they play while The Father eats his dinner. Hope it lasts.

5 thoughts on “Culture Day

  1. Sounds like something I would ask for on my birthday – eggs and bacon for breakfast, italian restaurant for lunch, shabu shabu for dinner and a new phone, perfect!

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