A Rash Decision.

As previously mentioned, young Jim is covered in a rash. It started out, over a week ago as a few innocuous looking spots on one arm, I opted to ‘keep an eye on it’.
Keeping an eye on things is my default cure for almost any ailment that comes my way. To ‘keep and eye on’ something I don’t even need an actual physical manifestation of a symptom. I can keep an eye on a phantom stomach ache, a slightly sore throat, a dodgy ear, but I must admit I feel best when there is something visual to get that eye on.
The Man has his own default cures. ” Rub it and Run’ is possibly his favourite. This is especially useful for physical injuries including minor burns. Why once Kev almost severed a toe on a piece of glass, but still ‘rub it and run’ prevailed. I was out at the time, personally I would not have sanctioned a run it and run or even a keep and eye on it for that. Other cure-alls are the old workhorse ‘sleep’. Daddy I feel sick, have a sleep, Daddy I threw up all over the bathroom, poor you, clean it up and have a sleep, I’ve got a headache, have a sleep. As a graduate of his mother’s school of medicine, enough cannot be said about the healing power of the pickled plum. Toothaches, earaches, period pains, hang nails, have a pickled plum. Sometimes a combination a pickled plum then rub it and run approach is required.
I digress, I was keeping that bionic eye on Jim’s few measly spots. A tiny teeny corner of my mind was concerned because he has had every spotty childhood disease known to man and he isn’t allergic to anything, so when I wasn’t watching back to back epiosdes of
‘How I met your mother’ I was wondering what it could be. Well by Friday night the first arm was angry and welty and looked horrific and the spots had spread to his other arm. I made an executive decision that this was a job for the professionals and took him to the dermatologist.
Well surprise surprise, t’would appear the boy is suffering from an allergy to a hairy caterpillar ‘bite’. Indeed. Actually though they say ‘bite’ it’s really from the black hair of said hairy caterpillar. This occured, we think, when he was in the tree on the mountain building a ‘secret’ den.
So after a little bit of argument about my reluctance to use steroids, we got some cream and anti-allergy meds and off we went. The doctor said it might take a week or more to clear up. On Sunday we went to the big crazy dangerous city of Osaka, at that time he just had the one gnarly arm and a few spots on the other. Today he looks like someone pushed him through a cheese grater slowly.
It’s all over his arms, legs, torso and starting on his face. Looks terrible but he says it doesn’t hurt it’s juts itchy.

Every spring when it’s cherry blossom time, there’ll be a panic about the density of the caterpillar population, becareful! we must be careful! we must be vigilant against these beasties, they are everywhere, it’s not safe to go out, don’t wear dark colours,etc etc, and I dismissed this as the usual local hysteria about nonsense, I have never taken care or forgone my usual black attire, I thought they’re caterpillars for gawd’s sake, just caterpillars, but now, I’m thinking they pack quite a punch, a hidden, latent punch, come spring you may see me in pastels.

7 thoughts on “A Rash Decision.

  1. Beware of that cute but smug bug, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us!!

    (I have a daughter allergic to sticking plaster and tree sap – I loved the analogy of being pushed thru a cheese grater!) 🙂

  2. Having seen it myself via your phone I can say it looks quite the mess. I think cheese grater is putting it mildly. I too was a “sheesh its a caterpillar” myself. Now I am not so sure.

    I just hope DH never gets attacked by one. The kids will be just fine. He will want to be emergency airlifted to some specialist hospital and whine whine whine all the live long day.

  3. I sympthise – our youngest has very sensitve skin and we currently have to apply 4 different types of skin cream depending on what skin ailment he has at any one time (or all at the same time). On the bright side he’s a well moisturized little boy.

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