Halls Decked.

Monday, no work, big plans to complete all Xmas shopping in one place. Check cash flow, good to go, visa card feeling flexible, comprehensive list of necessary items, off I went to the big shopping centre.
I was definitely feeling the spirit of Xmas, a touch of joy and noel, a yearning for a yule log of yore, until I realised I’d left my purse and my list at home.
Fortunately at the bottom of my bag I had some vouchers that I got when I bought the TV, they were stuffed in an envelope I had half forgotten about, they were good to go, but unlike my visa, they were finite.
Scored myself a few strings of cut price lights, the old kind in different colours that seem to be unpopular next to the LED ones I can’t afford.
Then big score in Kaldi where I found Terry’s chocolate oranges, they don’t look as big as they used to and only cost an arm and two legs but they will bring joy to the chicklets I hope.
A few other bits and pieces, most of which I troughed in the car on the way home.
Chicks came home from school early and offered to help me put up the lights and decs. well sort of offered, I asked if they would help and they said they would if they could use the Wii afterwards. A deal was struck, the devils and I made a pact.
Xmas music was retrieved from behind the chest of drawers.
It was at this point that I learned that young Jim thinks ‘all I want for Xmas’ by Ms Carey is a Xmas carol, oh how I have failed.
His second choice of ABBA was vetoed too, well not so much vetoed as we ignored him and he got the message, he’s a bright lad.
I sang along to my Xmas carols CD while the boys fought over who could do the abolsute least to help.
It was perfect, just like a real family.

Meanwhile today was Sunshine’s almost last day of school ever, ever. Though she doesn’t graduate until March 1st, she only has to go in for the odd day here and there from now. she went in today to pick up her results from last weeks tests.
Claims she has no idea of any of the maths questions. she doesn’t need maths for her Uni entrance exam so has turfed all previous knowledge to the curb. She got a barely passing grade by entering combinations of her and Big Love 2’s dates of birth .
That’s one way of doing it, who am I to judge?

Then I took the poor over worked gal out for lunch. On the way I had her run into the PO with my last 10 cards. First PO said, my undersized cards had to go at a higher rate, so we went back to the one where I posted all the other pygmy cards the other day but they said the same thing. Hey ho and never mind. I’m pretty sure I have sent a card to everyone I intended to, there is bound to be a minor error somewhere, if I missed you, I’ll get you next year with my custom made 14cm cards.

Lunch was fun and the gal was relaxed for the first time in what feels like months. I can’t remember how it came about but at some point the lass told me I look like Shrek. I said how did you get Shrek? she said it’s all the green you’re wearing. And it’s true I am wearing a few items of green, I LOVE green and I made an early new year’s resolution to step out of my comfort zone of black and 1000 wash grey, but really Shrek?
wasn’t there any other green image that could have sprung to mind, anything other than a huge green monster? Like a delicate leaf perhaps, or a leprechaun, a four leafed-clover, or she could have got a Xmas bonus with ELF, but no she has to go straight to Shrek.

Only 6 more days of work and I’m done for the hols, bring it on, bring it on……

9 thoughts on “Halls Decked.

  1. Role models is green… Robin Hood? Herne The Hunter? The Jolly Green Giant, Peter Pan? The Green Goblin? These aren’t helping are they?

    How about earth mother? 😉

  2. Sorry – “in green” that should have been. I read that comment twice and didn’t spot the typo until after it had been published. How does that work?

    • LOL, I don’t know but I do it every time I comment anywhere!
      What about a blade of grass, as in ‘mama you look like a single blade of grass, bowing in the breeze’.? Robin Hood is okay, could put a bit of a sexy spin on Robin. 😉

  3. Could have been worse, have you ever seen that Young One’s episode when Neil has a cold? (A green rubbish bag? No?…)

  4. I’m still nothing but Grinch here…its gotta be the being green choice of the season. Have a great holiday! Hope to see you soon.

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