Rumour has it that Europe has ground to a halt due to snow. Seems some folks I know have had trouble on their annual Xmas pilgrimage to their motherland and I hope by now everyone is where they want to be, and feeling the warmth of the yule logs.
Here, not a flake, not a sliver and no sign of any coming. I still have not bought any xmas presents for the chicklets, none, not a one, and I have no excuse except the old workhorse ‘busy’.
Today is my last day of work and then I have almost 3 weeks off, to rest and relax, eat too much, clean up , sort out, prepare for next year and make myself a long list of empty promises.
My pre-ordered turkeys arrives yesterday and I did a huge food shop at Costco with Uncle Brick, so we can console ourselves with food, instead of present opening. I suppose I should be on Amazon right now instead of doing this.

Yesterday had two parent teacher conferences, one for each teenage girl. The first was no problem, basically he was just asking us what our plan B is if Sunshine doesn’t get into Uni, and we said,we haven’t got one because we are refusing to entertain that possibility after all her hard work and our hard won cash, I’m confident she’ll get in. 6 weeks to test time, I anticpate a rather stressful festive season, but we can do this.
Doris on the other hand, picked her PT conference to be rather obnoxious and disagreeable, arguing with everything I said.
We had to fill out a little questionaire asking about how our teen is at home. One question was about whether or not said teen talks to you about school. I circled the ‘talks about school a lot option’, what an idiot, teacher starts by telling us that there had been untold trouble with the first graders on the softball team, and Doris in her capacity as VC had been handling all this trouble and getting it sorted, and that’s wonderful, and she is good at that kind of stuff, but I felt like a total moron for not having heard a word of it from Doris before. Looks like her ‘secret’ boyfriend is not the only thing she isn’t telling me about?

Meanwhile with Kev starting middle school in April I decided to try to get a little ahead with the uniform stuff instead of doing it at the last minute as usual. So I went to the uniform shop and made enquiries and it came to light that if we had a group of ten people and we ordered the uniforms in january we could get a 12% discount. As the trews and blazer alone ( never ind shirts and P.E. gear and indoor shoes and gym shoes blah blah) come to around 27,000 yen, 12% is a decent discount. So I got on the phone and called everyone I know, nearly know or have vaguely heard of, by the end of the night I had 17 people and I’d promised them all a 12% discount.
Then panic set in, what if I had made some mistake, must check. As a non native speaker, margin for error is wide wide wide, so I went back and double checked, but a different woman in the shop didn’t seem very clear on things. So I went home and panicked a little more.
Then another woman called me and said she had heard I was ‘organising’ ( Lord help them all) this thing and could she get in the group.
So I went back to the shop and this time spoke with the owner and basically said, I need to clarify with you all these details, because if I’ve got it got it wrong I’m going to have to leave town. He was very nice and went over all the finer points with me again, so hopefully we’re good to go, and I can be popular for five minutes of my life, and this might take the edge of their anger when I refuse, once more, to do the PTA shit come April.
So, as I said, my last day of work, kids on a half day at school, another half day tomorrow. By half day I mean they have to show up for ten minutes tomorrow, which annoys my kids because it’s a long walk to and from school.
So project clean up can begin Wed. Thursday is the Emperor’s birthday so The Man will be off too, and the males in the house can all have a choice between staying home and helping or getting out of dodge for the day, and by Friday we should be reasonably ready for anything.
I’m having road clearing thoughts for my brethren ( and sistas) in England, that your trains will run and that Postie gets through with all your cards and gifts.

5 thoughts on “Snow?

  1. I can confirm that things have very much ground to a halt here in the UK. Well. Not so much ground as slid very pathetically.

    Wishing a wonderful Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Wow, what a busy bee! We haven’t a whiff of snow here either (hehe, but it is 30 degrees celsius)…and I have just started Xmas shopping. Every year I tell myself that I’ll do it earlier next year and every year I find myself sumo wrestling other shoppers on the day before Xmas. So much for being older and wiser.
    Hope you have a lovely break with all your kin! xx

  3. I do the same and it never works out, but that said, as the kids are older it does get easier, don’t have to be quite so furtive and their demands take guessing out of the equation. Be well you and yours and thanks for all the laughs. xxx

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