15 Minute Clean Up

All carols and Xmas cheer over here today. Been cranking out some of my essential Xmas hits as
I blitz my house and get my turkey brining.
Tried to gainfully employ my fine young sons. Jim was fairly game, cleaning out some drawers and doing some general scut work. Kev was having none of it and just refused point blank to help with anything.
I even introduced him to my new 15 minute scheme. Not sure if I got this from Flylady or Martha or our very own living legend and frequent commenter here at Miss Behaving, the lovely Ditoh, a.k.a. The Queen of Chiba. There is nothing this woman doesn’t know or can’t do and also single handedly makes the world a better place. So the 15 minute scheme is setting a timer for 15, doing a job just for 15 minutes and stopping when the timer goes off. I’ve been employing this system all week and I’ve got loads done. I’ve been setting it alternately housework/Spooks/housework/Spooks, and achieved much around the old homestead and progress on the viewing front too, an all round winner.
I thought so, but Kev wasn’t having any of it and he went outside to play.
The Man was off today too, because it’s the Emperor’s birthday.
We were in tune as always, no sooner had I thought how much I’d like someone shadowing my every move and crunching Christmas crisps in my ear, than there he was. I credit our telepathy for our relationship’s longevity.
He later moved into a more proactive state of helpfulness,
“The kettle’s boiling love, shall I turn it off?”
He had to be sent to the supermarket for some further brining essentials. He claimed this was handy because he was planning to go to the home centre to get my Xmas present.
It was so gently that I explained to him that the home centre really doesn’t sell anything that I would like for Xmas.
Then we got a phone call from Uncle Brick, he says he is in the home centre and found recharging centres for Wii if we were interested. I laughed of course and said, funny you’re in the home centre, The Man has just said he’d like to go there and buy me a gift. Uncle Brick says that’s why he’s there, he’s looking for a gift for his wife. Again with the gentle conversation. I may go public with this as a free service next year.
So the 23rd, here we are, spick and span and ready for the Xmas Eve bake fest, if I can find anything that cooks in 15 minutes or less.

9 thoughts on “15 Minute Clean Up

  1. Cornflake crunchy cakes AKA Christmas crunch crumble. Hey, if Starbucks can get away with making cornflakes into vaguely triangular shapes, calling them Christmas Tree Crunch, stuffing them in a tin and selling them for over a grand a go, they must be worth making. Shove them in the freezer and you might be able to have em out in under 15 minutes.

  2. Thanks for the compliments. My kids don’t want to help either, what’s with them? They want to play games all day long. I’ve got an agenda. I can’t be fooling around. I’m changing sofa covers today and moving furniture if I could only get the kids to move their butts.
    15mins will give you sukiyaki. Spaghetti with a quick sauce or pork with ginger.

  3. Oh dear god. I did the 15 minutes thing this afternoon,and couldn’t stop(I have an addictive personality;-) ).Thanks to you,Ditoh ,Martha Fly Lady..whoever…i have a much cleaner house than I had this morning xxxx

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