Bring On 2012.

That was a rather long 15 mins, but never mind my house is spick and span, decs are away, I went through some cupboards and threw out some shit, found some Xmas presents I’d forgotten to put in stockings and put all the game pieces back in the right boxes.
So to recap my festivities. Xmas came and went, kids pleased with their little hauls, boys glued to the Wii for the past week.
I lazed around a lot reading my Xmas books.
Boxing Day some friends came round to eat and chat, and we ate and chatted and it was good to have the time to just sit down and chat, usually when we see each other, which is every few months or so, we don’t get the time to chat much, someone is always dashing off, so pleasant times with good folk, not to be sneezed at.

Before I knew it, New Year was upon us. On the 31st I had occasion to go into the food section of our local department store.
It was wall to wall grannies getting in the vittals for their extended family visiting. Whatever happens don’t tell my friend Shelly in Tokyo this but, it’s happened, it’s happened to me, I’ve heard about it happening but never thought for a minute, it would, or could happen to me, there I was, in the middle of the excited obaa-san throng, everyone examining quality of crab, selecting fine chinese cabbages,
mortgaging their homes for fresh mochi and I realised, I was EXCITED!! Yes I was, I was caught in the atmosphere of it all, my heart was racing a little and I thought to myself, ‘I love New Year in Japan’. There I’ve said it!!
I raced home with my edible contributions to the family New Year. Then I drove My Man and 3 young tykes over to the big city so they could spend a few days with his family. Normally I would go with them, but Sunshine had some kind of mock test that wasn’t finishing until 10pm so I decided to stay behind on the condition that I wouldn’t have to watch Kohaku, a sort of Japanese version of Sunday Night at the London Palladium ( the Jimmy Tarbuck years).

Jan 1st, Sunshine and I went to the out-laws where I ate 3 X my body weight in crab and then we all trooped off for the our first visit of the year to the temple ( hatsumode). It was freezing outside but I was told I’d soon warm up when I got moving. That was the first lie of the year. Still it was a long and bracing walk and the atmosphere at the temple was wonderful.

Jan 2nd I went to the centre of the big city to meet my friend Jocqui for our annual New Year’s get-together lunch and a peruse of the book shop. They have a large english language section so this is one of the highlights of our rendezvous. Jocqui and I had a wonderful chatty lunch , we laughed till tears rolled down our faces and have resolved to make it a twice yearly event because we really don’t cry enough.

So that’s it, another festive season come and gone, looking forward to 2011. Still hoping to run that 5K that i didn’t manage last year, but this year I have a 3k advantage so I am hopeful as ever. I think ‘hopeful’ will be on my gravestone. “She was hopeful’.
The Man returns to work today, I have four more days off. Thursday is Kev’s 12th birthday. My mother-in-law pointed out that at 12, Kev will be starting puberty and we might be in for some ‘difficult times’ Oh how I laughed.

Kev’s adolescence, 5km run, Sunshine’s entrance exam in just 4 weeks, bring it on!!

13 thoughts on “Bring On 2012.

  1. and a Happy New Year from us Kiwi’s…where it is raining today and I am at work for 3 days before having the rest of the month off. Yeah. A month….

  2. Shhh,but I also think that New Year here is better than back there.Apart from that vomit inducing o-sechi.Crab is good though.

    And Jimmy Tarbuck……….OMG,what a blast from the past.Is he still alive?Will go and google him.

    • Oretchi is the worst. Certainly puts a downer on my New Year. The rest is fun though. More of an event though I’d like to combine a little of the New year’s Eve drunkenness if I could be picky. Appy Nooo Year t y’all! May we meet in January, Trina!

  3. Oh, for the love of all that is foreign, has everyone lost their mind. First the Queen of Chiba with the new year’s cleaning and homemade “oretchi” making, And now you, YOU!, excited, EXCITED, while standing in a herd of geriatrics drop kicking each other to save 4 yen on dried octopus penis. You’ve made me all SCREECHY! SCREECHY I TELL YOU!! I hope you are happy.
    Today in the car, someone said, “HEY LOOK THERE’S MT FUJI!” To which I replied, “Woo-f-ing-hoo! Whatever!”
    I will never give up the fight, you turncoat you! ; )

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