Phones and Free Oranges

Various ‘happenings’ have kept us busy and occupied on this the final day of the school hols.
I must say kids have been brill these past two weeks. Obviously my superior mothering skills have engineered this and it has nothing to do with endless hours on the Wii, presents and chocolates galore and then New Year when everytime they turned around a nameless relative filled their pockets with cash. Even my little reprobates have had little to squabble over.
It’s young Kev’s birthday today, he told me yesterday,one day before the anniversary of his birth that his one desire was to receive the autograph of some, apparently famous comedian guy I’ve never heard of, so anticipating a little disappointment around the gift giving time.
Thought we’d have to go over to the big mall and retrieve Kev’s cell phone which he so inconveniently left under his seat when we went to see Harry Potter last week. I wasn’t looking forward to it because the drive is so darn gnarly. If you miss the one turn that gets you there , there is no place to turn back,
no possible turn off, or U-turn spot and before you know it you’re on the dual carriage way doing 90 and half way to Kyoto. Then coming out of their multi storey car park I get all confused( because I always do when there are roads involved) after Harry Potter we had a nightmare ride home in the dark and the pouring rain, I had the navi but it chose to send me down unlit roads exactly the width of 2 very slim pencils, I knew there was another road but didn’t know where it was, and it was altogether an unpleasant experience, and I was getting close to shrieky and gasping for a fag.
Doris was there yesterday hanging out with her pals and throwing her New Year money away on pointless junk, so she had gone to get it, but they wouldn’t give it to her, it has to be collected ‘in person’, regardless the person is an eleven year old, well twelve now I suppose.
Fortunately The Man had to go by there on some work related excursion, so we had ‘the person’ call the cinema and tell them his dad was coming in for it and that seemed okay.
So I went to a much smaller and easier to find mall to buy shabu -shabu goods for the lad’s birthday
dinner and scrabble around for something that might pass as a birthday gift.
Then I had an altogether pleasant experience. I bought a box of mandarin oranages. Only 800 yen.
When I got to the checkout she asked me if I’d mind if she opened the box and checked that there was no bruised ones in there. I said knock yourself out. So she did and she found 2 dodgy ones, only very slightly dodgy, and I’d never have noticed anyway as I sucked them back in the car. So she went off to change them, closed down her till, rang the bell, the whole works. When she came back she apologised for keeping me waiting and gave me 5 free ones for my inconvenience. Nice.
Back to school tomorrow. For 2 hours, then the weekend off, plus Monday is coming-of-age day, so back on Tuesday, I don’t see why they don’t just stay off till Tuesday, never thought I’d hear myself say that.
The times they are a-changing.

3 thoughts on “Phones and Free Oranges

  1. See, all that patience you showed in the Post Office trying to send under-sized cards has paid off! Wow, that Karma chick is fast!!

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