Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner ?

This is my first time to join in one of those linky things. I’ve tried for ages but couldn’t get the hang of the whole ‘linking’ lark.
Maybe I’ve got it now! won’t know till I hit ‘publish’ will we. X your finger for me.
Over at the lovely Kate Takes 5, you can join in and list 5 people, alive or dead, famous, infamous or not that you’d invite to dinner.
Here my 5.

1. MY COUSIN ANDREA. cos she’s brilliant and I haven’t seen her for about 6 years. I’d say, ” how ya doin love?”
2. BEN ELTON and I’d say, ” sit on that stool Ben and explain the 90s to me”
3. CALLIE KHOURI, and I’d ask, what were the differences between the original and final scripts for ‘Thelma and Louise’
4. ROBBIE COLTRANE, ‘ eat up big boy, I am dessert, do with me as you will’
5. DR. PHIL, ” I want you feel good about your life, how’s that lamb working out for you?”.

@ Kate Takes 5, if my linking to you hasn’t worked, my apologies, I will figure it out, readers even if you can’t click on the link do check out her lovely blog. xxx

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