Back To Bedlam.

Yet another national holiday brought the usual round of squabbling and bickering. A new low was found when the boys got into a heated and semi-violent debate about what we will eat for lunch after Jim’s graduation ceremony, just two short years hence. Had to pull the Ace out of my pocket and threaten them with no Lily Rush if they didn’t get their acts together.

The morning got off to a rocky start. I got up at 5, not sleeping well, don’t know why, never mind, not the point, by the time I woke them at 7 I had enjoyed two quiet hours, so was feeling fine and breezy even singing a few songs.
I made three packed lunches, while not an everyday occurance I’ll grant you, the kids felt the need to act as if a meteor had landed in our very own kitchen.
A white sweatshirt for school came out of the washing machine with mysterious purple stains all over it, causing distress and anguish and silly suggestions like can I run and buy a new one as soon as the shop opens and bring it to the school.?
A mis-laid school lunch apron was AWOL, causing angry ranting up and down the stairs.
Finding a school blouse that the cat hadn’t sneezed it’s blood-filled snot on, proved difficult, and it got so it was tempting to just yell ‘get out everybody, everybody out now’, ‘they’ say that is damaging for the delicate self-esteem, so I had to resist.
Jim of course was last out, lollygaggingaround the room in the vain hope that I’d end up taking him in the car.

Now they’ve all gone, quiet is restored, kitchen trashed by bento making activities, living room trashed from search for Kev’s apron, bathroom trashed by teenage girls and a 10 hour work day ahead, with no viewing pleasures scheduled for this evening.
Tuesday’s the new Monday, best foot forward.

9 thoughts on “Back To Bedlam.

  1. Well honestly woman, graduation lunch is only two short years away. All the finest eateries are probably already booked. I can totally see the need to fight to the death about it. 😉

  2. Yup Tuesday is the new Monday – I’ll second that: meetings all mornings, meetings this afternoon, college straight after work and home for 9.30pm if I’m lucky. *sigh*

  3. and I thought getting a three and four year out of the house with a one year old strapped to my leg was hard. Finally thought there might be some light at the end of the tunnel but it sadly appears that this shite continues forever!! Hope they were all better this morning 🙂

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