Stop The Car Harry!

Not blogging as much these days, a few compelling reasons for that. First, really nothing much happening. A few short weeks to Sunshine’s exams. She has finished school now and just has to go to cram school until mid Feb, so if we could have a global X- ing of fingers, it’d be appreciated. It is a litle scary to think that if she doesn’t get in I’ll have what they call a NEET on my hands. ( Not in Education, Employement or Training). She sort of reminds me of someone I know well, she’s all or nothing. So there’ll be a frenzy of study, everything from the Thatcher years to Steve Jobs to the polar ice-caps and then she burns out, and the best we can hope for is a lot of questions on how close to the heater you have to sit before you get chilblains and how early is too early to cut off your split ends and leave them in the bathroom sink.
At work I am implementing a few dreams and schemes that have increased my workload considerably for now, but which hopefully, in the long run will leave me with more time off to get back to things that matter, like blogging and reading blogs.
Then a teeny tiny small confession to make, I have watched 7 entire seasons of Spooks in the last of couple of months. I LOVE it.
I’ll admit it’s way too much because I’m nervous when I turn on my ignition incase a bomb goes off, my every move on the computer has become a race against time before the guy with the gun comes in and I have to karate chop him across the neck.
All those wonderful scenes of our nation’s capital, all the lovely places I never visited when I lived there because touring wine bars in Clapham seemed much more interesting.
There has been sadness too, so many losses, to all intents and purposes I’ve lost Zoe and Tom ( who apparently now cohabit). I lost Adam, Ben, and Fiona, and most sadly, the ever hot Zaph. I’m also very very disappointed in Connie, she hid those Russian sympathies well.
Talking to my friend about Spooks yesterday she said, when you see a commercial for ’24’ it’s all,
‘ In 11 minutes the entire population of Los Angeles will be annihilated by a nuclear device’ and the commercials for Spooks is
‘ Stop the car Harry!’. It’s so British I’m so at home with it.
So fortunately for my job and my children I am now at the end of all Spooks that is available to me at this time and hopefully normally scheduled internet time wasting can resume.

4 thoughts on “Stop The Car Harry!

    • Isn’t it! and yes season 7 started with the swap, and it has been deep and last I saw of my beloved Harry he was in the boot of a rusky’s car. It is so good, but I hate people going out of it, I have probelms distinguishing real relationships from those I think I’m having with TV characters, and so the losses are devastating. And I miss Ruth.

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