Something New and Different.

One of my mini mini goals of the year is to learn how to embed a link in a post. I ask myself how hard it can be, everyone is doing it.
I keep failing. I ask myself if perhaps the template I use does not support the embedding of links. So I have reached out to one of my bloggy gurus and so let’s see if I can work it out. I’ll try to follow her words to the letter…..

hello lovely people, Gemma . People stop what you are doing right now, put down your tools and go immediately and forthwith to Gemma’s brilliant blog

OMG!! I think I did it. Oooh will there be a parade? Thanks Gemma, and also a perfect post she has over there right this minute.
I’m sure I am the third on the right. I think I still have the dress somewhere.
Oh my people it’s the dawning of a new era. xxxx

10 thoughts on “Something New and Different.

  1. Amazing post. Brilliantly written. Excellent content and the link works! *trumpet plays* mind out for the marching band. Whose that dressed as a May Queen?

  2. Ooo didn’t realise you were friends with lovely gemma. Loved the pic – it’s a classic. Maybe you two should do a ‘where are they now’ on it…

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