Hammy AWOL, Kev Steps Up!

Weird shennanigans going on here.
Kev failed to give me a letter from the school so found out at the 11th hour that there was a meeting for about JHS. Did not want to go, but went anyway and it was pretty okay. I think the fact that it was not held in the sub zero gym but in a well heated multi-purpose room added something. They covered school rules in depth and apparently pierced ears are a no no.?

So I came home and Jim came back from school and I asked him where the hamster was and he said he didn’t know, I said he did know and he left the room, I told him to come back and he ignored me and went out the house, so I followed him out the house and the little bugger ran off.
Meanwhile Kev, or some boy who is the spitting image of Kev , came home form school all bright and breezy, laughing and joking with myself and his sister, telling us funny stories from his day of learning.
It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world ( except for Lola).
Then he told me he felt sorry for a girl at school. I said ‘you felt WHAT?’ he said’ I felt sorry’
Oh what joy, my son showed empathy, it was a first for us!! Had to do a little empathy dance in the kitchen and so complete was this boy’s transformation, HE JOINED IN!! Danced around the kitchen with his very own mother, smiling and looking to all the world like a happy child.
Jim on the other hand came home as rude and disrespectful as when he left, so he is contemplating the wisdom of talking back in his room.
Still no sign of Hammy.

3 thoughts on “Hammy AWOL, Kev Steps Up!

  1. I would suggest broccoli or Costco chedder cheese as bait. I’m still not convinced it’s a hamster tho. I think your son found some weird tailless Japanese rat and has now set it loose in your house. Sleep well my “friend.” Mwahahaha

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